Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sickies... (3/10/14)

This week Sister Petersen and I were ordered by our mission mom to take the week off and rest, because Sister Petersen and I were sick. I started feeling better by Wednesday, but Sister Petersen didn't because she is way more sick than I am. She is even still sick right now, so everyone please PRAY for her. She needs to get better, and I am trying to do everything I can to help. With all of our prayers I know she will be able to get better :)

On Thursday, we went to our mission nurse's house and helped out a bit. It was good to get out of the house and do something. I really love my mission nurse. She is so wonderful :)

Then on Friday, we got to go out and teach Brenda with our member friend Sarah, who is preparing to serve a mission. Sarah and I tried to teach the whole thing, so that Sister Petersen wouldn't be too strained. Hahaha. It was really wonderful! We went over the baptismal interview questions with her and she is just so prepared to join the church. She was telling us how she explains us to other people, and she always tells people that us missionaries are always "high on Christ" and that we're so happy, and how it's refreshing. Sister Petersen and I got a kick out of that, hahaha. 

We did make a mistake...oops...On Saturday we called her to make sure that she would be coming to church on Sunday. We got her a ride and everything. And when her ride came to pick her up at 8:40 (because church starts at 9 am) and she was still in bed because we FORGOT TO TELL HER ABOUT DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! ahhh, oops. She didn't make it to sacrament, but she came to Sunday school and relief society. She wasn't too mad, just called us scatterbrains and gave us hugs :) She was able to get interviewed for baptism on Sunday, so hopefully she'll be baptized this weekend if she doesn't have her knee replacement surgery. :) We are so excited for her!

Then Sunday we went tracting and met some awesome people. We met this lady named Kelley and she is such a miracle. Apparently, she used to meet with Elder's when she lived in Vancouver many years ago. She remembered that they thought it was weird that she line-dried her clothing. She was like "nothing smells better than line-dried clothing. I mean you can put it in the dryer and stick a dryer sheet in there and it will get the job done. But it's just not the same." We thought that was pretty funny. She has a background of being Sihk, but is open to many different religious ideas. I can't wait to teach her next week.

Oh, and this week was fast Sunday because we had a conference last Sunday. This is the way to break a fast:
This is our van we drive. Future soccer mom in training right here...yeah....we don't like to talk about it hahaha ;)
I love studying in the morning!
I love and miss y'all! I hope you have a wonderful week. Please write me! The gospel is true! Heavenly Father loves you!

Sister Struempler

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