Monday, March 24, 2014

I'm staying in Richmond! (3/24/14)

I can't believe that transfer calls were last week! That seems like such a long time ago! hahaha. Time is so weird as a missionary. That's all I gotta say!

Monday we got to go to Steveston Village! (where "Once Upon a Time" is filmed)
Here are some pictures of the village (aka: Storybrooke)
Here's Granny's Café!!
While we were in Mr. Gold's shop (from the show "Once Upon a Time") we were talking to the lady working there, while we were looking around. We got onto the topic of the gospel (of course, cuz we're missionaries). It turns out that she goes to a Christian school and she's studied about Mormons before. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon and testify of it's truthfulness, and she said she would read it. IT WAS SO COOL!
Shopping fun
Thanks for the package mom and dad!
Thanks for the cookie mix mom and dad! They are delicious :) 
This is what happened last week:
We got to teach little 8 year old Abby on Monday! She is the cutest thing.

Then on Tuesday morning, we got to teach Moyett the Jamaican lady. She's hilarious! "You two girls are so sweet, you're going to give me cavities!" hahaha. Sister Petersen and I couldn't stop laughing. 
She said it was so painful. I felt so, bad but it just looked so cool as well. You and my weird fascination with medical things.
So yeah, we went to that and then went on a couple of weird exchanges with the Chinese sisters, because Sister Ding and Sister Chen went to the temple. SISTER CHEN WENT HOME ON WEDNESDAY! And, Sister Ding is going home in three weeks. It's so weird!
We got to teach Molly and John! They are so awesome. Molly is just loving being taught again, because she's been inactive most of the time that she's been a member. And John is just soaking it in. It's really helping him with his metal illness that he's going through right now. We were even able to get the Elder's to give them both a blessing on Wednesday. They loved it! The priesthood is real and it works!
Then, we put our soccer mom van to good use on Wednesday night. We had to pick up two sets of sisters: one from Vanderhoof and one from Prince George. It was so fun! We all three went street contacting and that was fun.
Then, we went to go pick up 2 new sisters that just arrived in the mission: one has been here for 3 weeks and one was fresh off of the plane. Only 2 sisters! When I came out, there were like 15 of us or something crazy like that. We got to be at the end of their "welcome to the mission testimony meeting" and the spirit was so strong! I could just feel it in the room. I love the fact that I get to feel the spirit so strongly as a missionary. 

We had transfer meeting on Thursday! Even though Sister Petersen and I weren't getting transferred, we got to go because the President invited us.

A couple sad things happened this week. Moyett doesn't want to meet with us right now and neither does Brenda. I've come to love them so much as we've been able to teach them the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. But, there is something that we can't control: agency! People have the agency to choose to accept or reject the gospel. We are going to give them some time, and then hopefully we can teach them and they will get baptized in the future!
Biggest Miracle of the Week:
ABI, MEGHAN, CHRIS, and ANGIE came to church on Sunday! Abi absolutely loved it! She had so much fun in primary! Angie could feel the spirit so strongly (Sister Petersen and I could just tell). I was so happy to be able to sit with them in church and introduce them to people. Hopefully, they will start to make it a habit and be able to come to church every week, so Abi can be baptized! The gospel blesses families so much, and I am so grateful that I will be able to be with my family forever.
A couple funny stories:
We were tracting, we knocked on this guy's door, and apparently he was an ex-DJ. He had 13 disco balls (and not just normal ones...GIANT ONES) hanging from one of the tree's in his backyard. It was pretty awesome.

So...there are tons of Chinese people in Richmond. One time we were knocking on this door...and a man opens it.... puts up his hands and says "CHINESE" and just closes the door. I swear that they do know how to speak English, because sometimes we can get a conversation started. It's just so funny the excuses people come up with so they don't have to talk to us :P 
The church is true! I love you all! Please write me letters! Now it's cheaper because you can use a U.S. stamp ;)

Sister Struempler

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