Saturday, March 22, 2014

Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement (3/17/14)

Monday we went to the mall...again! The Richmond Center Mall is HUGE! I don't even know where to begin on how awesome it is. Also, there is this Asian mall that has all these cool Asian stores. We've only been there once. These are probably the best potatoes that I've ever had in my whole life. They were like "sweet and sour" with onions are carrots and ugh....just delicious. I LOVE Asian food! seriously!

Then we washed our car...for FREEEE! Perks of serving where the mission office is :)
Ugh . . . stinkin' van. Well, I love our van. Like I said last week. Future soccer mom in training right here - hahaha!
Anyways . . . then we got to teach adorable little Abby again. She is so cute! She wants to be baptized, but she goes to her dad's house every weekend so she hasn't been able to go to church. Please pray that she will be able to make it to church this weekend! We got her a children's Book of Mormon and she loves it! Pictures are such a powerful teaching tool!

Then on Wednesday we got to go visit this less active lady in Tawassan (I don't know if that is spelled's right by Point Roberts!!) and she met the elders at Wendy's. She just walked up to them and said that she hasn't come to church since she was 15 and wants to get her life together. She is such a miracle and so nice! I love when people realize for themselves that they need to change their lives to be happy :)

We had our last district meeting with Sister Chen!! She's going home on Wednesday! Super weird. I've never served with someone who has gone home before. She is just so calm about it. I would be freaking out if I was her! Here's a pic!
This is our district plus the senior sisters in the office. I love them!! I'm one with the chinese now :) hahaha!
Sister Nickels is hilarious! She's from Idaho!!

Then we took Sister Zhu (pronounced Jew) to a couple lessons with us. She's companions with our mission nurse right now, so sometimes she comes with us :)
We taught this man named John, who is dating this member of the chinese branch named Molly. He is so WONDEFUL! So prepared by the Lord. Molly really wants to be sealed in the temple and have an eternal family. Her testimony was so powerful and John was able to feel the spirit. It was such a spiritual lesson, I don't even know how to explain it! I loved it!

We also taught Brenda and we EVEN PLANNED OUT HER BAPTISMAL SERVICE! She decided to call us later in the week and tell us that she doesn't believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross. WHAT?!?! So random! We are going to help her resolve her concern this week and hopefully she will be baptized soon! I love her so much! She is such a funny lady.

We also got to teach this jamacian lady. She is SO FUNNY! She wants to be baptized and knows that the church is true. She kept telling us about how Sister missionaries are just better teachers because we are more compassionate. SISTAA POWERRR! hahaha, just kidding. Anyways...she also told us our futures. Apparently I'm too agreeable (haha mom you're always right) and that my husband is going to be the dominate one in my future marriage. And I'm not going to work, but going to volunteer a lot and be with my kids. And my future husband is going to be 1 year older or the same age as me. It was pretty funny. We taught her the gospel! She loves the fact that we have a prophet on the Earth today with authority. She is just scared of coming to church because she doesn't want her 3 year old son to be too loud. AHHH! We need her to come to church! pray for her as well :)

Transfer calls tonight! wish me luck!

Sister Struempler

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