Saturday, March 22, 2014

Richmond looks beautiful in white! (2/24/14)

This week was crazy! It's been snowing in Richmond since Saturday and it hasn't stopped! That's very unusual for Richmond. And, we are driving a mini van . . . pray that we'll be alright in the snow this week! hahaha.

So, last Tuesday we had dinner with Brad, Loretta, Bri, Carlie, and David. They live in Brookswood and Sister Petersen taught them when she was there for the first 9 months of her mission. They're such a wonderful family! I love them so much!
Bri, me, Sister Petersen, and Carlie. They're great . . . I laughed so much with them! More than I probably have my whole mission! hahaha.

Then on Wednesday we had district meeting. In my District there is Sister Petersen and I, the Richmond Chinese sisters (Sister Ding and Sister Li), and then the White Rock Chinese sisters (Sister chen and Sister Leung). So yeah! it's such a fun district and I love it so much. They're teaching me some Chinese!
Then I went on an exchange to White Rock with Sister Leung. White rock is where they film Psych by the way! Anyways...we went and taught this lady from Chile and the spirit was so strong when we taught her the restoration. She is preparing to be baptized! And then, we went finding and Sister Leung talked to all the Chinese people and I talked to all the Caucasian people. It was fun! Then some Jehovah's witnesses tried to convert us, but we didn't let them. There's no point in Bible bashing, it gets us nowhere!

This is a really bad picture of sister Leung and I:
Then I came back on Thursday, we did some weekly planning, and taught this super cute Filipino couple. They are questioning their catholic beliefs and they're so open to hearing about the restored gospel! I know that God prepares people for us to find! It's so wonderful to see people's testimonies grow about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On Friday, we cleaned this lady's house for her because she's preparing to get a knee replacement on Feb 28th . . . and then get baptized on March 22nd! She'll be coming home to a clean house now, and I just love her. She's the sweetest thing! She even gave us some of her homemade pottery! 

Then on SUNDAY, we had a baptism! It's such a crazy story!
The dad served his mission in Japan where he met Wendy. She's from China, but moved to Japan. They got married and Wendy has been learning about the gospel ever since. Their oldest 2 daughters have been baptized and Wendy promised Becky (the little 9 year old girl) that she would get baptized with her. Well, Becky turned 8 and Wendy still wasn't ready. So Becky has been waiting and waiting for her mom to be baptized. Then, on the first Sunday that Sister Petersen and I got to Richmond, Wendy decided that it was time for her and Becky to be baptized! I love this family so much and am so excited for them to be able to be a family for eternity now!! 

The gospel is true! I am so grateful that my family is sealed together for time and all eternity because Heaven wouldn't be Heaven without my family. I love you all and miss you so much! please write me letters! I love hearing from all you!

Sister Elle Struempler
Oh and here are some pictures from the temple trip we got to have last Tuesday!

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