Tuesday, November 25, 2014

White (11/24/2014)

This week was probably one of the best weeks that I have had on my mission. Get ready for a good one!

On Monday, we were just going about our normal P-Day business, then we got a phone call from a member. He told us that this lady named Shayla called him up and was begging him to call us so that we could meet with her. She investigated the church 2 years ago, but then just dropped off of the face of the planet. She was watching some youtube videos that freaked her out and decided that she needs to make changes in her life and wants to start coming to church again. Talk about a MIRACLE! So we called her up and started teaching her Monday night. She also came to church yesterday which was super exciting! 

We volunteered at the food bank on Tuesday and this guy that volunteers there seems pretty interested in learning about the gospel. Now we just need to find a way to contact him besides the food bank...because we're not really supposed to proselyte in there. We saw Ken and Shelley! Ken had a pretty bad fall last Friday and actually broke his nose. So sad! But the ward is being great and helping them out which is really awesome. Shelley "doesn't know if she can be Mormon because she likes coffee." She'll come around, it'll just take some time :) 

Then we taught this CUTE old lady named Agnes. She is actually preparing for baptism now! She's scared of water, so we'll see how this goes. Her date is for December 13th, so everyone please pray for her!

Then Sammui had her baptismal interview! It went so well and she was just so happy afterwards. :)

Then we taught our pagan friends Tuesday night about the restoration. It was pretty good, but we don't know what it's going to take to get them to change. Hmmm...
Wednesday we had district meeting! It was so good :)
 I have a twin by the way
p.s. this is how missionaries park their cars...hehe
Last district meeting together because TRANSFER CALLS ARE TONIGHT! ahhhh.

Thursday we did weekly planning and then went out to work. We went finding and talked to some pretty awesome people. We talked to this guy that was sincerely asking questions about the Book of Mormon and it was just so awesome. We gave him our number, so hopefully he'll call and want to learn more! We also visited the relief society president's mom, who isn't a member, and then visited with an awesome member family :) So exciting!  ​
Friday, Sister Bartlett got sick :( She had to rest and she also got a blessing. It was such a miracle! She felt better the next day! Priesthood power is real! We also went to a member's house for dinner and that was delicious. They just got sealed last week! There are 8 kids! Then we went and saw Sammui one last time before her BAPTISM! 

Are you ready for Saturday? BEST DAY EVER!  We went up to MT WASHINGTON in the morning. It's the Ski Resort of the Island. It made me want to go snow boarding so badly. We have a member and an investigator up there so we got to spend some time with them and teach them :)
Do you want some Sushi, Eh??
And then when we got back to Courtenay, guess who I got to see?!?!?!?!?!
VICTORIA WAS IN COURTENAY! We went shopping with her at Costco! Oh my gosh, I was in heaven. She's going to the temple in January! I'm so happy for her!!!!!!!!!! :D
Then we went and taught this cute lady from Ecuador named Catalina. 

And then....

Sammui and Andy :)
It was so amazing :) I love her so much! Then on Sunday she got confirmed and it was just awesome :) I could see her just glowing with the spirit!
Then after church and lunch, there was a Christmas Parade. We didn't go to it, but we got there just as it ended and talked to the departing crowd. I was in heaven! Most people I've seen on main street in Courtenay the whole time I have been here! And everyone was so kind and excited for Christmas that people actually talked to us. I love this season!

We went and watched "Joy to the World" with this less active member. She wants to come to church but can't wake up for it...uhhh...yeah. We're working on her.

Then we had dinner with the Andersons! (the people that we live with)
I love them so much :D hehehe

Then...MIRACLE! This senior Elder from Salt Lake called us and told us all about this couple that went to St. George on vacation. They were there for 2 weeks and went to the visitors center 3 or 4 times. He said that they were getting home yesterday, so we went over and met them. They are SO SOLID! I'm so excited. And then we went and visited another less active member that night and she gave us a bunch of free clothes. Wahooo!

Miracles have not ceased. 

Sister Struempler

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  1. Hi, Sister Struempler! It has been very exciting to watch you grow on your mission! I know your mom and dad are counting down the days until you get home!
    I just learned this evening that the young men's president served in your mission 38 years ago!! He was very VERY excited when I read parts of your blog to him and mentioned places he remembered, like Courtenay!
    Can't wait to hear more about your incredible mission! I know Amber has really enjoyed your correspondence! (And I am so grateful for your positive influence.)

    Much love,
    Alethea (your dad's cousin, in case you forgot)