Monday, November 10, 2014

Hastening the work! (11/10/2014)

Wahooo! Another week as a missionary completed. What a crazy week, I don't even know where to begin.

As you know from my last email, we got to watch "Meet the Mormons." That was sweet. I love that movie so much! I love how it shows us Mormons as normal people. On Tuesday, we drove back to Courtenay and on the way we stopped at this place called, "Goats on the Roof" There weren't any goats on the roof anymore though. Too late in the season. But here are some pics:
Sister Bartlett got to ride on a yellow school bus for the first time!!
The members that we live with have a bus. :)
"Goats on the Roof" with no goats :(
The pumpkin that sister Bartlett and I carved on Halloween!
We got to teach our pagan investigators. It was awesome. They told us that they want to be friends with us and have good conversations. We don't know how interested they are in converting though. We still teach them because you never know what can cause a person to change. The less active came to church once, so we have made some progress. I'll keep you updated. We talked about tim-tam slams, so now we're going to have tim-tam slams and teach them another lesson this week. It'll be fun :)

We got to do some service for a family that just moved into our ward. That was so fun! We helped them paint some of their rooms :) They fed us lunch and even made us a GIANT panookie! Oh my gosh. It was so good, I was dying! So full. And then we went and had dinner with a different member that night. I felt like a stuffed turkey by the end of it all.

Cool story: We went to McDonald's with a member to teach one of our investigators. She ended up not showing up, so we were walking to the door when this lady stopped us. She was like, "Are you missionaries?" And we were like..."Uhhh...yeah?" She then said, "We're Jehovah witnesses! I think we've seen you around town. Do you get mistaken as Jehovah witnesses a lot?" We then proceeded to sit down with these two wonderful Jehovah witness ladies with our member and had a little lesson with them. We talked about how hard it is to knock doors - they really do understand! And then we started getting into the Book of Mormon. They didn't even know that Mormon was a person! We basically taught them the entire restoration and they didn't even Bible bash us at all! It was such an amazing experience. God does prepare people for us to teach; even the people we would least likely expect, can be ready to hear the Gospel. 

Another cool story: We met this guy who was working on someone's house and he was interested. He gave us the cross street of where he lives, but didn't give us the actual address. We went one night and knocked on all the houses around the cross street and couldn't find where he lives. Then another day, we had an impression to go back to the cross street and there was an apartment complex there as well. We started buzzing some apartments to talk to people and here walks out our potential! He was like, "Well, this is where I live!" It was such a miracle. We also found a super cute, nice old lady in that same apartment complex. Miracles. 

We taught Ken this week about temples. He really liked that :) We also got to teach Melissa who we haven't taught in FOREVER! She quit smoking. And, she fasts the first Sunday of every month. Uhhh...coolest investigator ever!

Oh, and on Friday we got a frantic call from a member of the Bishopric telling us that he forgot to ask people to speak in sacrament meeting. Guess who spoke in sacrament meeting? Sister Bartlett and I! Wahoo! hahaha. 

I love you all!

Sister Struempler

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