Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Halloween! (11/4/2014)

What a crazy couple of weeks it's been...what a crazy transfer it's been! I don't even know what to say. My mind is all over the place, so hopefully this email makes some sense.
Monday evening we got a call from a family in our ward. They asked us if we were coming over for dinner and we were like, "We'll come. On our way!" Forgot to look at our dinner calendar . . . oops! It was so much fun. They have 8 kids and they all like to talk to us at the same time - hahaha!!
Then we went and got Ken's baptismal record all signed and finished off. He's an official member!! <3 We also stopped by Debbie and her husband, Wade. They made it back from their trip to California. They even stopped in at the San Diego Zoo! Sounds like they had a blast. I'm excited to teach them again :) 
Tuesday we went on exchanges! I went to Duncan with Sister Weller. It was awesome! Duncan has one of the largest First Nations reserves in all of Canada! There were some pretty awesome totem poles to look at. We got to visit this recent convert who is just the coolest. She thinks that science proves that Adam and Eve existed! I don't remember all the things she told us, but it was pretty sweet. 
Wednesday we had district meeting in Nanaimo. I love being with all the other sisters here. :) Then we came back to Courtenay. We had no k's left, so we had to walk everywhere that day. We talked to people and even stopped by this less active man. His name is Gordon and he reminds me of Santa Clause, haha. He's a funny old guy. Then we went to the church and taught the young men how to cook fast & easy missionary meals. :D
Thursday. Oh my gosh it was POURING! Dumping buckets from the sky. It was ridiculous. Oh yeah, and there's been a water problem the past week. We can't drink the water from the taps. We have to boil our water or get water bottles. That's been fun! hahaha. Apparently, the water is contaminated. So weird. Anyways, so it was pouring. We stopped by some people and nobody was home. We didn't know what else to do, so we went to the Walmart parking lot and talked to people there. It was pretty fun. We pumpkin/heart attacked some people, and stopped by this awesome new member who just moved in. We went finding a lot and had dinner with a member. What a great Thursday!
Friday - HALLOWEEN! It was Sister Bartlett's first one. It was awesome :) We even carved a super cute pumpkin - her first one. If I had my camera cord I would show you. I forgot it. next week! We had to be in by 6pm, and we did some weekly planning while listening to fireworks. 
Saturday - We walked around and talked to people.We met this sweet biker guy that totally met Elders before. Too bad they went over to his house on Sundays to watch football. We told him that we don't watch TV on our missions, hahaha. It's just so cool to see how many connections people have with Mormons! We were walking around and Sister Bartlett was feeling really faint. We called the mission nurse and had to go to the hospital. We were there for 4 STINKIN HOURS! I was dying. But, we made it out alive and Sister Bartlett is okay :) MIRACLES. Some men from our ward even came and gave us blessings. 
Sunday we went to church! It was an awesome testimony meeting and Sammui came to church as well. I'm so excited for her to get baptized in two weeks! We also had dinner with a family and watched the CES broadcast. We went finding and then drove to Nanaimo!
MONDAY! Zone conference! We had no idea what it was going to be about. We left at 10am to get to Victoria for a combined meeting with all the missionaries here on the island. Then...dun dun DUNNNN! President Burt GOT THE MOVIE "Meet the Mormons" for us! WAHOOOO! IT WAS SO GOOD! I just loved it. If you don't know about it go on and you can learn more.
We ended up sleeping in Nananimo again last night and then came back to Courtenay today :) We stopped at "Goats on the Roof" on the way up in this teeny town called Coombs. There is grass growing on the roof and they have goats...that seriously LIVE on top of the roof. It was awesome!
Well that was my week. Full of crazy ups and downs. 
I'm excited to start to listen to Christmas music now :) If anyone wants to send me some, that would be much appreciated!
Sister Gabrielle Struempler

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