Monday, November 10, 2014

Ken got baptized!! (10/20/2014)

This week was just crazy like usual. I don't even know where to begin. Well, I guess I'll begin with Monday. So, Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving! Wahoo! We got invited over to a member's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Traditional turkey dinner and the works. It was Sister Bartlett's first time having a turkey dinner. She loved it! Plus, they let us have the wish bone so we're going to do that today. Also, another first for Sister Bartlett.
Then we went and had another turkey dinner with some less actives. By that time we were done, we were in a turkey food coma. Delicious but uncomfortable. We went and had FHE with a couple in our ward. We talked about always having a spirit of thanksgiving. The Jaredites in Ether 6 were stuck in barges for over a year, yet they continually sang praises and thanked God. I wish that I could always have that great attitude. 
p.s. we didn't get a transfer call. I'm still in Courtenay! 
Tuesday we got to volunteer at the food bank! They just love us after that huge B.C. wide food drive that we had. They even gave us a Costco pumpkin pie! Aghh! What's with people and feeling like they always need to give us stuff? I love it, but I don't at the same time. We had a normal day after that. Street contacted, tracted, heart attacked Melissa, and taught Ken. It was great!
Wednesday we tried to figure out some other ways that we can do service in the community. We also visited with Jennie. She's just the greatest :) Then, we saw Lynn who's coming back into activity. She knows Ken, so we got her to play the piano at his baptism! So exciting. Then we visited a lady who is battling cancer and shared an uplifting message with her. What a trooper! We visited some members and went finding a lot :)
Thursday! We did weekly planning, only 18 more to go . . . phew!! I'm never planning anything for the rest of my life. Just kidding, maybe for just a couple weeks after I get home. Then I'll be over it. We taught Sammui the word of wisdom. She's hilarious! She kept saying, "It's like a menu! I have to choose what's good!" So cute. We also taught Prince! It was an AMAZING lesson. We started teaching him the plan of salvation and then he was like, "Hold on a second." He went and grabbed his brother Joseph and they both listened in. It was so awesome! They had tons of questions and were super involved. The member was just so happy to come with us. I love lessons like those :)
Friday, KEN GOT INTERVIEWED FOR BAPTISM! It went so well :)  We were so excited! He's so great :) We also went finding out in the dumping rain. That's the best :) And then stopped by to see some awesome people! When we were tracting, we found this awesome guy! He told us about how the Elders gave him a Book of Mormon a month ago when we was in the Okanagan! It was a sign that we stopped by his house! We weren't able to get his number or anything, but he promised that he'd call us and ask us questions once he started reading the Book of Mormon. I love how God places us in the path of people that need to speak to us. It just strengthens my testimony. 
Saturday! We now have a "park the car" day. So, on Saturdays we walk all day long. Weee! Went and saw Ken and Shelley. Gave him a jumper to wear to be baptized in. Then, in the evening, we got a ride with one of our members to Stake Conference! It was so great! It was all about missionary work which made me so happy. President Burt even came and spoke as well.   :)
We stayed overnight at the Nanaimo sisters' apartment. There were 8 of us all together in one apartment, sleeping on the floor . . . girl party!
Sunday! We went to stake conference again. It was so great! I loved hearing recent converts telling their conversion stories, listening to branch presidents, temple president, mission president, and our stake president. Afterwards we all got to meet with President and Sister Burt :) They are amazing! My mom and dad away from home. Then we got a ride back with another couple in our ward. Then....PREPARE FOR KEN'S BAPTISM! It was so amazing!!!!!!!!!!
It was one of the most spiritual baptisms I have ever been to. It was so great! I got to speak on baptism, Lynn played a musical number on the piano, and Sister Bartlett spoke on the Holy Ghost. Even Shelley was brought to tears. It was such a tender experience for all of us.

I know that this gospel brings so much happiness and joy into everyone's life. We are brought out of the dark world and into the light of Christ. 

I'm so pumped for 6 more weeks in Courtenay!

Love you all,
Sister Gabrielle Struempler

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