Monday, November 17, 2014

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

This past week has been FREEZING! Like 30 degrees. So crazy.

Monday we went to a member's house and did some arts and crafts. It was super fun! We got to make our own homemade Christmas cards! We're going over today as well to finish them up. So fun :)

Then on Monday night, we went all the way out to Black Creek to have dinner with some members in our ward. They live on a Bison farm . . . so awesome! Except, get this: the wife's parents live in a suite above the garage and they actually go to the ward in Campbell River. Let's just say that we & the Campbell River elders ended up at the same dinner appointment (awkward). Afterwards, we went and had FHE with a different lady in our ward :)

Then on Tuesday, we went on exchanges and I went down to Qualicum Beach: Land of the Old People! It was really awesome though. It was super cold, but super sunny. We went to the beach for exercise in the morning, which was really fun!
We got to teach this super cute old man about the plan of salvation. His girlfriend just died, and he's really sad about that. We also ate dinner with some members & the wife is from Chile. She made MEXICAN FOOD. Awe man, I've missed that stuff!! We also got our flu shots and met this awesome old man that looked like Abraham Lincoln! It was full of adventures!

I got back to Courtenay and we did our weekly planning. We tracted a complex that a member lives in and then went and had a lesson with them. We also dropped by this less active that actually said she might come to church on Sunday! I'm so sad, she didn't come :( Then we planned SAMMUI'S BAPTISM! SO STINKIN' EXCITED! She's getting baptized on the 22nd!! WAHOOO!!

Then on Friday, we went to an apartment building to go tracting in the morning. We then drove to Nanaimo for a Zone Meeting! It was seriously so good. We talked about how setting goals are so important to success and it's all from goals that the work begins. I'm trying to be better about setting goals now!

Then the Duncan sisters came up on an exchange with us, and we both went and saw members at 8pm. It was good :)

Saturday, we were still on the exchange for a little bit and Sister Schroeder and I went to Comox & talked to people. We went to go contact some people that this man told us to go visit. We went to knock on the door and there is a husband and a wife. The wife starts walking down the stairs (mind you, we can see this through the door) and says: "I'm not answering, it's the Jehovah's Witnesses!" and then I say (through the door), "We're actually Mormons!" She then proceeds back up the stairs. We ring the doorbell this time. Wait. The wife comes back down the stairs, "They're still there!!!" At this point we realized that she wasn't going to answer the door, so we just left a note. It was so awkward, but so funny! hahaha. Oh the joys of missionary work. In the afternoon, the Duncan sisters left, so we went back to work. We visited a couple members because we were freezing! It was good though :) This ward is starting to do better with their missionary work!

Sunday we had church :) Nate came with Crystal's three girls:  Juniper, Sage, and Adaelia (sp?). So cute, right? It was funny because Sunday was the practice for the primary program - of course! But they seemed to like it alright. Sammui came as well. She's doing so well and I'm so excited for her to be baptized!

After church, we practiced with the choir, ate lunch, and tracted a bit. We went and taught Sammui some more of the commandments to make sure that she understands them. She's Vietnamese and Chinese. The sad thing is that when she was living in Vietnam, she actually got stoned when she was younger. This has caused her some mental problems and she even has a fake eye because she got hit in one of her eyes with a rock. She's the sweetest person ever and has such a positive attitude. I'm so grateful to be able to have gone to her wedding, teach her, and help her to be baptized!! We taught a few more people that night and it was so great.

This week was amazing and I just love being am missionary. I hope that you have had a wonderful week as well! write me letters!

Sister Gabrielle Struempler 

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