Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm Staying in Courtenay! (7/28/2014)

Monday was just crazy. Nobody knew when transfer calls were coming. They ended up calling people on Tuesday morning. We didn't get the call, so we're both staying!
We were able to teach Debbie on Monday night and she's doing so amazing! We read part of the Book of Mormon with her and it helped her understand it a lot more to read it with us. She's excited to learn more and to continue reading her Book of Mormon. Everyone pray for her for us!! She is just so wonderful :)

Tuesday we volunteered at the food bank because they just need a lot of help there. It's fun going there, but we can't go very often. We did a lot of finding and drop-bys during the afternoon and evening. We also visited this super cute family in the ward and talked to them about the Plan of Salvation.
Wednesday was insane. We had a lesson planned with this pastor for the Ukrainian Russian Orthodox Church, and we had a member all lined up to come out with us. She couldn't find her car keys, so she had to call and cancel. Then we called a bunch of people in the ward and were able to finally get a hold of someone. We picked her up and we were able to have the lesson. Phew! He's nice, but doesn't really want to change. He doesn't believe in the Great Apostasy so it's hard for him to understand the need for the Restoration and a modern day prophet. Also, when we left his house it was literally dumping buckets of water from the sky. I just love being soaked! 
Then we met with this man named Ken. We've met with him a couple times now and he's really nice. He got brain cancer when he was 14 and has had 4 operations and lots of chemotherapy since. He wants to learn more about God because he's survived so far. He thinks that God is helping him and keeping him alive for a reason. We're super excited for him, so everyone pray for him as well please :)
We also met with a family in the ward on Wednesday night. The dad is from Vanderhoof! Woohoo! Connections :)
Thursday...weekly planning. It was also President and Sister Burt's first transfer meeting. We didn't get to go, but that's okay! We had work to do here in Courtenay. We stopped by to see this super cool lady. Her mom told us to go by sometime and she's just so awesome. She has 5 kids and has been meeting with Jehovah's witnesses. She is interesting in learning about the Book of Mormon so we're going back next week to teach her about it!
Friday we went and saw this member who's trying to get her temple recommend so she can be sealed to her daughter and husband. The problem is that she loves coffee. But not anymore! Yesterday, she has gone 4 weeks without drinking a single cup of coffee! WAHOOO! We are so excited for her to go to the temple!!! She told us that she can't even smell it anymore! Heavenly Father works miracles :)
We also decided to go knock on doors at the base in our area. There were people that have been taught there before so we thought it was okay. We were doing so good and people were being so receptive. I was so scared the whole time though because I just kept thinking about how any one of these people on the base could probably kill me in an instant. Then we knocked on this one guys door and I was terrified. Big. Bulky. Tattooed. Scary. Military man. My companion was like "We are going around sharing a message about God tonight..." and he was like "DO YOU THINK I WANT TO HEAR YOUR MESSAGE?!?! ARE YOU EVEN ALLOWED TO BE HERE ON THE BASE?!?!" All I could think about was him growing into a giant hulk and tearing us to pieces. We were like "sorry Sir, bye!" and walked away swiftly. Scary moment of the week.
We were able to teach this wonderful guy named Mick in the evening. He loves the gospel and has been taught for a few years by Elders. We decided to give him and call and start teaching him again. He's really awesome and we're going to see if we can help him progress. His favorite thing about the gospel is the Holy Ghost! He think's it's so cool and can sense it in the members of the church.
Saturday we went out in the boonies to Black Creek. Brought me back to my days in Vanderhoof. We visited the Bison Farm that one of the member's in our ward owns. We also taught Debbie in the evening again :)
Sunday! This former investigator named Triston decided to show up. He's this scrawny, 18 year old atheist who has decided that he wants to learn more about the gospel again. Wish us luck! haha.
I love you all so much and I hope that you have a wonderful week. Please send me letters, they are much appreciated! 
Sister Struempler 

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