Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Birthday Week! (7/21/2014)

First, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday this past week! I really appreciate it! I was able to have an awesome birthday, and thank goodness it fell on a P-day! Blessings.
We went and had a delicious birthday lunch at this cafe in downtown Courtenay. It was so fun! We also walked around and looked at all the cute little shops. They are so fun! I love how each area that I've served in has been so different.

opening presents!

We went finding and then had a lesson with this man named Willie. He's such a character. He isn't interested in learning anymore, but we were able to teach him the Plan of Salvation and answer some of his questions about what happens after we die. He's going through a lot right now and just doesn't have the time to meet anymore. He told us a funny saying that he used to tell his sister before she went to bed: "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. And if they do, beat them with your shoe, until they're black and blue, and remember that God's angels are watching over you." Sister Jolie and I like to say it at night now before we go to bed :P

We also had an FHE with one of the families in the ward and had raspberry crisp made with fresh picked raspberries. Deelish! I used my cute new "Plan of Salvation" kit that I got for my birthday for a lesson :)

Tuesday we went and visited a less active - now being reactivated - lady in the ward to give her a large print Book of Mormon. She is so cute! We're going to start teaching her the lessons because she's forgotten a lot about gospel over the years.

We also had a fun potluck with the Relief Society at a park on Tuesday evening. We had an investigator and a less active there; it really helped them get to know more of the ladies in the ward. It was super hot, so there weren't too many people, but enough that it was still tons of fun.

Wednesday, we had a lesson with this lady named Susonne. She's been struggling with some of the commandments and we finally figured out why. She's never prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true! So we watched "Finding Faith in Christ" with her and challenged her to have the faith to pray about the Book of Mormon so that she can know for herself if it's true. Everyone pray that she gets an answer!!

We also had our first Zone Meeting! It was Sister Shelly's birthday, so Sister Jolie and I made brownies to celebrate. It was so amazing! We learned so much about keeping our covenants that we make in the temple. We need to focus on obtaining the good rather than avoiding the bad. We also talked about how we can be more unified as a mission and be more unified in our companionships as well. I just love the direction that President Burt is taking this mission :)

We went to Atlas cafe for dinner with Sister Shelley and Sister Holbrook as a District/Birthday celebration! It was delicious! Then, best part . . . I got to go on exchanges with Sister Shelley on her birthday! We got to reminisce about our missions so far and we learned so much from each other. We got to meet some really awesome people and teach this lady named Debbie as well. We taught her the restoration and helped her to understand why there are so many churches. She committed to read the Book of Mormon for 5 minutes each day, so hopefully she will start to gain her testimony of the truthfulness of it as well.

Thursday we had weekly planning...oh the joy of weekly planning! It actually wasn't too bad this week. I think we're getting better at it :) We also did lots of finding as well.

Friday . . . I have a funny story: We went tracting and met this lady named Tina. She told us that she had been "courted" (aka she dated) by a Mormon, so she has read the Book of Mormon before. We asked her what she thought about it and she had a problem with it not being the Bible. We ended up talking to her for 45 minutes and tried to help resolve her concerns. Moral of the story: some people are prepared by God and are willing to listen to you and others are not quite ready, so you won't be able to help them. We have learned a lesson from that one.
Mt. Washington
Saturday was such a crazy day! We had a recent convert, who is partially less active, text us in the morning asking for prayers. So, we ended up meeting with her and helping her out in the morning. Then there was a giant farmers market all day, so we went street contacting near there to talk to people & got some lunch afterwards. Then, we decided to go to Mt. Washington for finding...big mistake. All that is there is a ski resort and rental places. It is BEAUTIFUL, but seriously . . . nobody to talk to. We talked to one person in an hour, so we decided to make phone calls until our lesson. Our lesson was with Bridget, who we met last week at the park randomly. It went so well! We taught her the restoration and about why there are so many churches. She likes to just pick and choose what she likes from different religions and incorporate it into her own. It was really interesting to hear her perspective on things. She's coming to church this Sunday so everyone please pray for her!

Then a member who is neighbors with her decided to make us some food - it was so funny. She had a mish-mash of European wieners, salad, and pop-salmon. She put the packaged salmon in the microwave and then cooked it until the bag poped - hence "pop-salmon." Sister Jolie and I were laughing so hard!

Sunday, we had church which is always so fun. I love this ward! It's full of so many awesome people!! 

Well that was my week! Transfer calls tonight and I doubt anything will happen, but who knows? 

Sister Struempler

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