Monday, September 15, 2014

John Bytheway (8/11/2014)

​Monday I had to deal with this. My finger was SO SWOLLEN from the wasp sting the night before. We went tracting and I kept asking people for new ice to put on my finger every time my ice melted. It was pretty funny, but people were nice and gave me more ice :)

Tuesday I woke up and my hand was even more swollen and was turning red and blotchy. I had to go to the doctor and she told me that I needed to take lots of Benadryl and gave me some cream to put on it. Needless to say...I was pretty much out of it all day because of the Benadryl.

Wednesday we went back to work! We went finding and visited a member. We had a lesson in the evening with Mick again. We talked to him about The Family A Proclamation to the World. He had a problem with our church being a patriarchy, so we helped him to understand that men and women are equal. He's praying that his common law wife's heart will be softened so that they can get married and he can get baptized! We're meeting with him again this week so hopefully we'll see some progress.

Thursday was weekly planning...and MY YEAR MARK! WAHOOOO!!!! I can't believe that I've been a missionary for a whole year now. That is just too crazy! Long days and short weeks, that's for sure. So that was pretty exciting. Sister Jolie made me her mom's famous chicken wings and we got to enjoy them with Sister Shelley and Sister Holbrook as well. They came down because on Friday we had zone conference and John Bytheway!! So after finishing planning and going finding, we went down to Qualicum Beach together and stayed the night with the Sister Training Leaders and had a little "Year Mark" party for Sister Shelley and I.
Friday morning we drove down to Nanaimo and had an amazing Zone Meeting. Our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders taught us about Ether 12 and how we can increase our faith in so many different ways. The more I learn about the gospel, the more I realize that I really don't know anything. Hahaha!
All the Sisters in the Nanaimo Zone!
Then we drove from Nanaimo to Victoria. We had a special meeting with the Nanaimo Zone and the Victoria Zone. John Bytheway taught us and President and Sister Burt came as well. It was so amazing! I learned so much and so many of my prayers were answered. Then we rushed to get some food before the Youth Fireside started.
We got round 2 of John Bytheway and he taught the youth and all of us about Coming Unto Christ and how that's how the Book of Mormon starts and ends. We believe in Christ and the Book of Mormon teaches us all about Him. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon in my life.
Friday night we stayed with some sisters in Victoria.
​It was so fun to be with them :) Then Saturday we had to road trip it back to Courtenay, and then the North Island sisters drove all the way back to their area. Tons of traveling this week, but it was so worth it!
GUESS WHAT?!?!?! Debbie and her two kids came to church on Sunday! Sister Jolie and I were SO excited! It was so amazing to have them there to see what it's like and to learn about the gospel even more. Debbie is just so prepared and loves the gospel. We can't wait to teach her more this week!
We also taught Melissa again. She's so amazing. She has been praying and even started reading the Bible! That's HUGE for someone who didn't believe in God when we first met her...she believed in aliens. Good thing we got that all cleared up :D  It's so cool to see people progress, even at a small rate, because you can see the change it makes in their lives.
So that was my week! Full of sickness, traveling, being spiritually fed, finding, and teaching. Now we're going to be doing some baptizing pretty soon!
I love you all! Take care! Please write me letters, I really appreciate them :)
Sister Struempler

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