Monday, September 15, 2014

Girl's Camp! (8/25/2014)

Monday, we went tracting all evening . . . Wahooo! My favorite thing to do ever! But, seriously, I do like tracting :) Most of the time.

Tuesday, we went and taught this mom and daughter. They starting by asking "What happens after we die?" So, we started teaching them the plan of salvation and it was crazy awesome. They had never heard of a "pre-earth" life before. We had to explain to them about that, how we all chose to come here to earth, and about Adam and Eve. God didn't set them up for failure, but he gave them their agency so that we could come here to Earth. I'm so glad that they chose to eat the fruit because we wouldn't be here if that didn't happen!

We also went to an appt that we had set up with a less active. We got there five minutes early, so we started to knock on a couple doors by her house. We turned around to walk out of a driveway and then saw her drive away. Typical missionary moment . . . I guess we won't be meeting with her anytime soon.

We went finding a lot that night as well :)

Wednesday, we had our district meeting over the phone. It was lovely. Then we had a meeting with a recent convert. It was so sad! He had dropped off his Book of Mormon at the church so he didn't have one any more. We talked to him about it and are going to try to help him gain a testimony back. He had to have had one at one point. It is so easy to lose your faith, so that's why we constantly have to be nourishing it.

We also met with Ken and got to met his wife! Her name is Shelley and she is so cool. She has already been starting to read the Book of Mormon! Ken doesn't think he'll be ready to be baptized on Sept 13th, but we're going to try to help him get ready for it as soon as possible. He believes that the Book of Mormon is true and now we get to teach his wife! :)

We met with Mick and it was so good. He knows the church is true. Seriously! He loves the Holy Ghost, the fact that we believe in the natural man, and the fact that we don't believe in original sin. He has never been a part of a "group" in his life. He doesn't know if he wants to join the church because of that. Everyone please pray for him that he'll be able to get married and eventually get baptized!

Thursday, we went and met with Lynn who is now coming to church regularly. She's getting out of being less active, which is such a miracle! She is so cute and I can just see her glow as she has started to become more active in the gospel.

We started planning while the North Island sisters drove down. They got in the car with us and we drove to Sidney! We got to go street contacting in Victoria, which was AMAZING! I loved it. I remembered some of Victoria from when we went on our family trip there a couple years ago, so that was kind of strange.

Friday, we drove to Girl's Camp! But not just any Girl's Camp, the B.C. wide Girl's Encampment! It was AWESOME! They fed us lunch and then we got to go meet with the girls. They divided us into groups, so each set of sisters had about 20 or so girls. Then we just had a Q&A session., all about life. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my mission so far. I love being a missionary and helping people!! 
Then after girls camp, we drove to Nanaimo and stayed there for the night.

Saturday, we drove back to Courtenay in the morning and then went on exchanges with the North Island sisters before they drove back. I went with Sister Holbrook and Sister Jolie went with Sister Shelley! Sister Holbrook and I went and dropped by some people and walked a lot. We are running out of kilometers, so we'll be walking a lot this next week! She's such an amazing missionary for only being out for 2 transfers! I learned a lot from her. Sister Shelley and Sister Jolie were able to see Melissa, Debbie, and a less active family in our ward :)

Sunday, KEN came to church again! His wife wasn't feeling too good so she wasn't able to come. But, it was so good to see him again and see him progressing :) It was awesome. Then we had to walk the rest of the night and oh boy do I have some nice blisters!! Mole skin is going to be my best friend. I've been spoiled with a car for too long :P

So this week I learned a lot about trusting in God and believing that everything will work out for the best. Worrying about the little things that we can't control is just silly and makes things worse. I'm ready to run to the end! I can't believe that next week is transfers. Then only 3 more until I go home. Pray that all goes well this next week for me! And send me mail please. I really appreciate all the letters and encouragement I get!

Sister Struempler 

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