Thursday, July 10, 2014

Courtenay is so beautiful! (6/23/2014)

This week was full of so many miracles! Monday we just hung out and tried to get into the swing of things, being in a new area and all. We went finding that night and then had FHE with a family in the ward. I love sharing the Plan of Salvation with everyone. It's just such a beautiful thing to know God's plan for us and know that we have a direction for our lives.

Tuesday, we got to wear jeans! TWICE! We volunteered at the food bank in the morning. I love doing service, and I haven't had very many opportunities on my mission so far. I'm excited to start helping people more! We also had a lesson with this man who got in a really bad work accident and has had a headache for 5 years now. If that doesn't help you to count your blessings, then I don't know what will! He's not really too interested, but it was fun to teach him about the plan of salvation so that he knows that one day he'll have a perfect body. Then we went and gardened for a lady. She told us about her life and that's always fun. I love hearing about people's life experiences!

Wednesday we had district meeting. It's so weird having it over the phone, but it's still a spiritual experience. I love having Sister Shelley in my district again. We've been in three districts together! I think we'll just be together our whole missions, haha :) 

We went to go visit a couple who only live here in the summer. They are from California and are both converts. We have such a strong influence on our friends! They were able to be introduced to the gospel by friends. They also live right by the ocean. Look at this amazing view!
We also met the COOLEST lady on Wednesday night while we were tracting. We knocked on her door and she was like, "Sure, let's talk!" She just sat down on the porch with us and we taught her about the Book of Mormon. She thought it was super cool that we're missionaries and that it was such a coincidence that we knocked on her door at that time. She is going to Africa for a mission trip in about a week! We gave her a Book of Mormon for her trip and are going to meet with her when she get's back in a month. People like that make being a missionary worth it. She was so nice and just knew that we really believed in what we were sharing. She was so open to the spirit and just so willing to learn. It was such an amazing experience!!
Thursday we got together with the relief society to help weed someone's front garden that was super overgrown. There were a lot of women there helping each other out and it was so fun to get to know the ladies in this ward a little better :) They are all so sweet!! Then we had our weekly planning. Every one that I finish means that I have one less to do on my mission ;)
Then on Friday, we went to visit the sweetest lady ever. She really wants to go to the temple and be sealed to her family. The only problem is that she LOVES coffee. Everyone please pray for her for me! She really wants to stop but when it comes down to it, it's hard for her. We're going to help her the best we can! We also got to have a lesson with these two guys from Africa. Franck and Prince. They are so cool! We taught them the restoration and invited them to be baptized. They said they would need time to think about it, but are open to the idea. It was so funny because I was trying to teach them how to say my last name. Its like strumming a guitar with -pler at the end. And then Prince was like "So if you're playing the guitar...then you're strumplin'!!!" Hahaha I was dying! 
Saturday we went to visit this lady in our ward who's really sick. She's been battling cancer for a while now. She's so strong! I know that God doesn't allow us to go through things that we can't handle! We also met with a less active and his girlfriend and friend. It was cool to see him sharing the gospel! Everyone can share the gospel! It makes us so happy! All three of them were also able to come to church on Sunday! :)
Sunday was church & I'm trying to get everyone's names down. It's hard! But I'm getting there. Sister Jolie and I both spoke along with the ward mission leader. We talked about why we do missionary work, what we share, and the ward mission plan! It was an awesome missionary Sunday!! Then we dropped by to see some people in the afternoon, went finding like crazy, and met with one of the families in the ward. It was pretty fun. All in all, a wonderful week. We are really trying hard to find that one person who is ready to be baptized in this area. Please pray for Sister Jolie and I, that we may be inspired by the spirit to know who we can help prepare for this saving ordinance. I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Until next time,
Sister Struempler

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