Thursday, July 10, 2014


This week was...well, interesting to say the least! Being a missionary is always so unpredictable because you never know what's going to happen next. :)

It was kind of rainy at the beginning of the week, so we just had a relaxing p-day. Today is sunny, so hopefully we will get to go someplace fun! 

Tuesday we volunteered at the food bank for the last time! It was fun, but we didn't have many opportunities to share the gospel. We are going to find other ways to volunteer and help the community by sharing the gospel with them!! We also got to visit with a lady who doesn't come to church anymore. She's embarrassed to come back, which is completely understandable. The church is perfect, but the people aren't. I'm trying to be more Christ-like by not judging people by the way they look or act. Everyone is a child of God and is precious in His sight. We also were able to meet with a family where the dad is a member and the mom isn't. She's from Argentina and is super nice! It was great getting to know them and we were able to teach them as well.

Tuesday night, we went on an exchange with our Sister Training Leaders. It was so fun! I went to Qualicum Beach with my mission grandma, Sister Peterson (she trained Sister Ellgen). It was so fun to talk with her and learn from her. I know that it's just so important to help people to feel the spirit, even if they don't do anything about it. We need to help them by praying with them and reading scriptures with them! I've been trying to apply the things I have learned throughout the week. 

Wednesday I was in Qualicum Beach all day! We had district meeting in the morning, and I just learned so much! We are trying to invite 3 people to be baptized every day, so that we can help more people to come unto Christ. It's been hard, but very rewarding! We were able to stop by and visit with a lady who's been going through a lot right now. I just know that no matter what we go through, the gospel can help everyone! I came back to Courtenay Wednesday night.

Thursday: Weekly planning! One more down & one less to go! Weekly planning is always hard, but it's so worth it to do it right. We went tracting a lot on Thursday night. Knocking on doors, finding people who need the gospel but don't even know that they're looking for it! 

Friday we had an amazing lesson with this lady who just started to come back to church. Oh my goodness, it was amazing! She has forgotten almost everything about the gospel; that's what happens when you stop going to church. She has decided to make a change in her life by coming to church again. We gave her a Book of Mormon and challenged her to read it every day. I just love seeing people who are willing to make this change in their life, and are willing to repent and change to become better people. Repentance isn't a scary thing! It is wonderful to become a better person and follow Jesus Christ's example. We were also able to have dinner with a family in the ward. The grandmother isn't a member, so we were able to share a message with her. No matter who you are, everyone needs the gospel of Jesus Christ in their life! 

Saturday, we went and visited a member family out in Fanny Bay. We asked them if we could do anything for them, and so they told us that we could take their dog on a walk. They live right on the beach, so there were no objections. We were even able to share the gospel with people on the beach as well!!
Imagine having this view in your backyard! So beautiful!

We had a lesson with Franck as well. He's from Africa and is super cool! He came here to go to the university here in Courtenay. He was raised Catholic, but has found a huge interest in the Book of Mormon. I love the power of the Book of Mormon and how it is the literal evidence that we can hold in our hands that proves the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. Pray for him for us! :)

Then, church on Sunday! We got to teach relief society about Preach My Gospel! Everyone needs to read it, not just missionaries. It was fun to be able to help them with their missionary work! Afterwards, we dropped by this lady who was meeting with the missionaries but then went to Alberta for a while. We reconnected with her and she actually told us that she was thinking about Sister Jolie that morning - what a blessing! The spirit directs us to the people that need to hear the message of the gospel. We also contacted a lady who a member told us to go visit and she wants to hear more about the gospel! Miracle number 2! :) We went tracting all Sunday night and talked to some really cool people. We even talked to this lady who has never been religious. Her daughter has been talking to her about learning more about God. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes, maybe one day. We aren't teaching her, but it was an amazing experience to be able to help her feel the spirit and the power of our message. 
If you want to send me a birthday letter (hint hint), please do so soon! As Canadian mail is super slow and can take a couple weeks to get here.

I love you all! The church is true! Share the gospel with everyone you meet!

Sister Struempler 

p.s. President Tilleman leaves tomorrow and our new mission president is President Burt! So crazy! :)

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