Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Missionary life is full of Adventures! (7/14/2014)

This week was so crazy! I don't even know where to begin. I talked about this a little in my last email, but we had a Zone Conference with President and Sister Burt! I love them so much. They are amazing. I can't wait to see what they will do with this mission.

I've been dying from allergies recently. Thank goodness for modern medicine! I got medicine and now I'm hopefully good to go. Apparently allergies are the worst they have ever been for people this year. Lot's of stuff in the air I guess!!

Wednesday, we had a few teaching appointments and that was really fun! We taught this man named Ken. He's gone through several cancer treatments and it's been really hard. I know how much the gospel can heal people, spiritually and physically, so we're really excited for him to learn more.

We also taught this cute pregnant lady. She's Christian, but has some questions about the Mormon faith. We've been trying to help her understand baptisms for the dead and the Book of Mormon. Oh and today's her birthday too! We're twins :D

Lastly, we taught this AWESOME lady named Michelle and her 10 year old daughter was there as well. We taught them the Plan of Salvation, and they thought it was the coolest thing. They want to believe that it's true! Michelle was like, "Okay, how do I start?" We were like, "Let us teach you." So we talked about Alma 32. Faith is like a seed, we need to water and nourish it so that it can grow into a tree and produce delicious fruit. *Side note - we're taking care of someone's garden in the ward and OH MY GOODNESS! So many blueberries! I've never eaten so many blueberries in my life! Taking care of their garden makes me want to have my own garden one day! The fruit is so sweet! Literally! hehe.

Thursday, we had my first dinner appointment in Courtenay. We had dinner with this lady in our ward and her non-member husband. It was so wonderful! They are the sweetest old couple, and I just love it. He's not interested in learning really, but it was a good visit!

Friday, we visited with a 102 year old lady! She's so awesome. She got baptized when she was 59 and has never missed a day of church since, until the past couple years. But, I mean, she's 102! What can you expect?
We also taught this man named Gerhart. Please pray for him for me. He's so awesome! He was studying to be a Lutheran priest, but then changed his mind. We invited him to exercise his faith and to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. He was like, "I'm scared, because when I get an answer then I'll have to become a Mormon!" Right you are Gerhart, right you are ;)

Saturday, we had such a miracle! We've been trying to contact this lady that a member told us to go see. The problem is that she lives 45 minutes away in Mount Washington. We went to this park on Saturday to try to talk to people, but there was only one person there. We thought we would just go talk to her because we were already there. Turns out it's the referral we've been trying to contact! We are going to go see her on Saturday. I'm so excited! 

When we were finding on Saturday, Sister Jolie and I got peed on by a very excited dog - uh...yeah. Gross! But other than that it was cool! We went to a party at one of the member's houses because one kid just got home from his mission, another kid is just leaving this week, and another kid just graduated from high school. It was an exciting time!

Sunday was church! We've had a few less actives that we're working with start to come back to church. It's been pretty exciting for the ward :)

And today I had to celebrate my birthday by getting a Birthday Cake Doughnut from Tim Horton's:
I love you all! Thank you for the Happy Birthday wishes!

Sister Struempler

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