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Mini Missionary Time!! (5/26/14)

First of all, isn't this one of the most adorable puppies of all time!! Just sayin'
On Tuesday, I went on exchanges with one of our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Willmore! It was so fun! I got to go to Langley where the temple is. We taught this older lady about studying the scriptures. She was so cute and told us all about her life. I love listening to the stories people have to share with us because it's so different now-a-days. We went finding and found this awesome Pentecostal guy from Romania. We were able to help him understand a little bit more about the Book of Mormon and why it's so important. We found a couple of other new investigators. We also visited with a lady who got baptized yesterday. Her roommate (who is also a member) breeds dogs. And that is the reason for the picture above :)

This is Sister Willmore and I :)
Aren't we cute? haha. Then on Wednesday, we had our first district meeting of the transfer. It was so fun! I love being in a Chinese district :) On Thursday we had weekly planning. We're trying to build up our teaching pool because the people we have been teaching got baptized or are now in a reflection pool. This week we are going to be doing lots of finding so we can help those who are ready come unto Christ! We also got a call on Thursday telling us that we were getting a mini missionary for the weekend! WOOOOO!! It was so fun! This was my first mini missionary and Sister Petersen's 3rd. She lives in Delta and is pretty much the most awesome person in the whole wide world. 

We got to pick her up on Friday :) I let her have one of my name tags and we just taped her name on it to cover mine. We visited 2 members with her, and we were able to get our first member referral since being here in Richmond. She was super interested and told us that we are more than welcome to come back! It was such a miracle!

Then on Saturday, we set a goal of finding 7 new investigators in 1 day. We were up for the challenge! We had missionary correlation meeting, lunch, and then had a recent convert lesson with Emily and Brad. They are so funny! We told Emily about prayer and then she looked at us thoughtfully and said: "So, Jesus is the Boss then?" And we were like, "Yes Emily, Jesus is the Boss!" hahaha. :) It was awesome. I love how people we teach come to understand for themselves the doctrine that we teach them.
Then we went street contacting! It was awesome. We talked to a Filipino couple that our mini missionary totally connected with. They became new investigators! We ate some dinner and then decided to knock on doors. We found one guy who was interested at the very beginning. Then, we were knocking...and knocking....and knocking....nothing. So we decided to say a prayer. We knocked on a couple more doors and then saw this man working outside. We decided to talk to him (because we talk to everyone :P) and he said "wait a second" and went inside. Turns out he was getting 2 of his friends. We invited all three of them to go to church the next day and talked to them about God and Jesus Christ. They all became new investigators!! It was such a miracle! 

On Sunday, we had ward council in the morning, then church! Emily, Brad, and Maricel all got confirmed in Sacrament Meeting! It was so amazing to hear their blessings and see them officially become members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. :) We didn't even start the meeting until 9:20 because of all the confirmations. It was so cool :) The other meetings were amazing as well! I just love church! I finally have realized how important it is after being a missionary. It is so essential! 

We went and tried to contact some of our former investigators to see if any of them would be interested in learning again. We talked to this one lady and it was the wrong person. But then she referred us to another lady and OH MY GOSH! She was so cool! She broke her neck a year or so ago and was able to walk out of the hospital 3 months later. She said that she prayed everyday that she would be able to walk and leave the hospital . . . so much faith! We are going back to teach her this week & I'm so excited! Sunday night we had to drop off our mini missionary so she could go back home. It was such an amazing experience to have her with us for the weekend. 

Here are some pictures of us with our Mini Missionary:
I love you all! Write me letters! The Chruch is TRUE!

Sister Struempler

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