Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hump Day!!! (5/12/14)

^Screamers! A delicacy in Richmond = Soft serve + slushy
It was my Hump Day treat :)
The one and only Emily!
^Dried squid...tastes...Interesting....
This past week has been so crazy awesome, I don't even know where to start!

On Monday, we still had Sister Li with us so we went to the Asian market instead of the normal grocery store. I was in heaven! We bought weird Asian vegetables, dumplings, noodles. It was awesome! We also went to the Asian mall. I love being one of 2 white people in the whole mall! hahaha. We had a lesson with Abi on Monday as well. Her whole family is coming over to my mission present's house for dinner tonight, so pray that all goes well for us! We're so excited!

On Tuesday, we went on splits and I got to hang out with the mission nurse and help her unpack. She and her husband have just moved closer to the church which is awesome. I love her! She's like my grandma away from home. We did lots of street contacting on Tuesday as well; it's very efficient with the three of us because we can all talk to different people! 

Then on Wednesday we had a lesson but it fell through :( It's so hard when we show up and nobody is home! We just keep trying, because then we realize if people are actually interested or not. So we knocked on a few doors before going to zone meeting. Oh, and also WEDNESDAY WAS MY HUMP DAY! WOOT WOOT! I'm halfway done! Y'all will see me in no time ;) Anyways, back to zone meeting. It was awesome! We are really trying to focus on getting more baptismal dates and the only way we can do that is by inviting more people to be baptized. It's so crazy how different I am from the beginning of my mission. I'm not afraid to talk to random strangers now. I'm not afraid to offer to help someone carry something. I'm not afraid to call people to repentance! I'm not afraid of inviting people to be baptized! This week is going to be awesome, that's all I gotta say :) Oh, and Sister Li got her companion so we're not in a tri anymore. I miss her! She's awesome! :) I'm glad she's still close by!!
Then on Wednesday night, we had a lesson with Emily and Brad (in the pictures above) with President Tilleman's family. Turns out, SHE ALREADY ASKED HER HUSBAND IF SHE CAN BE BAPTIZED! So we don't even need to worry anymore! I'm so excited for Emily and Brad to become members of the church. It was such a spiritual experience being with them and my mission president's family. 
Thursday was weekly planning and we had an appointment with a member for just a quick visit. Turns out she made us home-made chicken noodle soup! It was delish! And Filipino style :) I love all of the Filipinos in our ward!! 

Then on Friday, we went and dropped by to see some people and it was actually pretty successful. We actually knocked on a random door and found a less active member that we didn't even know about! She wasn't interested in talking to us, but it's so cool to see those little miracles every day. We also had dinner with Maricel and her husband. Maricel is planning on getting baptized with Emily and Brad this Sunday! It's going to be a day of PENTICOST! hahaha. Maricel made this awesome stuffed, baked fish. I love trying new food! We also got to teach this girl from Hong Kong and her friend at the library. It was pretty awesome, but they had never heard anything about the restoration before so they were pretty hesitant. We gave them both a Book of Mormon and testified of it's truthfulness! We're going to contact them next week, so hopefully they'll still be interested!

Saturday we decided to go through our area book and pick out some people who have been interested in the past. Sometimes, people just need a break before they are ready to be baptized and make commitments. So we did that a lot, as well as finding new people as usual.

Sunday was amazing! Mother's Day :) I can't wait to be a mom one day. The talks were really good and all the women in the ward got a really cool book mark. After getting home from church Sister Petersen and I got to talk to our families! Ahhh! I love you guys and miss y'all so much! It was so wonderful! Following that, we got to teach Emily and Brad at the park! We had some food, taught a lesson, and even threw a Frisbee around for a bit. It was probably one of the greatest lessons I've ever had! Sister Peteresen and I also taught Emily how to make funny faces, and that was hilarious! :)

We ended our Mother's Day by stopping by a few people we taught when we first got here. Brenda got her knee surgery, and we stopped by and gave her some chocolates. She was smoking when we got there and she told us she'll quit eventually, hahaha. Then, MIRACLE, we stopped by Moyette. She knows she needs to get baptized, and she's leaving to go back home to New York in 6 weeks or so. We told her about how 3 people are getting baptized next Sunday, and she said she would also like to be baptized next Sunday! Everyone, PLEASE PRAY FOR MOYETTE! She needs this in her life! We're so excited for her and hopefully all will go well with that.
Well that was my week! Pretty exciting, eh? 

Love you all!
Sister Struempler

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