Sunday, May 18, 2014

Richmond Taxi Services! (5/5/14)

So this week was transfers...and since Sister Petersen and I serve in Richmond where the mission office is, we has a busy week. I'm still exhausted!

Monday we picked up two sisters (one of them trained Sister Petersen) and they stayed with us that night. Then we took them to the office so they could go to the temple on Tuesday. We picked them up Tuesday night and then took them to the airport on Wednesday to go HOME. Sister Petersen and I were both feeling kinda trunky after that, so good thing we had a service project to do Wednesday morning to distract us. A family in the ward is moving and the mother is pregnant so she needed help packing all of her heavy books. Sister missionaries can lift heavy things just as much as Elders! Just sayin'...

We had a few lessons on Wednesday. Then we picked up the Prince George sisters from the airport and the new sisters that just came out. We had 5 sisters stay with us wednesday night! I got to go on splits with one of them and we taught this man named Sid. His common law wife has been less active for a while, so we're working on helping them both gain testimonies of the church so that Sid can be baptized and then they can be sealed! I'm so grateful that my family is sealed together forever <3

Then on thursday we went to transfer meeting, because we got permission. We had to leave for a little bit though because we had a lesson with this one crazy-awesome hippy lady. She's one of those people who's like "God is in all of us, and around all of us, and outside of us." She's super nice, but likes to talk a lot. Hopefully we will be able to keep teaching her!

Thursday we got our new companion...Sister Li! She's in the Richmond Chinese Branch but she's training. Her trainee hasn't come yet (she comes this Wednesday), so she's in a tri with us. Since Thursday, we've had to combine our plans so that we can cover the English lessons and the Chinese lessons. It's been SO fun! Jiao Hui! I'm learning! Hehe. Then we had to take sisters to the airport on Thursday. Then Thursday night, we had the Sister Training Leaders from Prince George stay with us. They stayed with us Friday night as well. We've had some pretty awesome lessons in the middle of all this. On Saturday, we got to have interviews with the President. It was so spiritual and sacred. I love my mission president and mission mom. They are so inspired and are such wonderful people!

On Sunday, we went to the English ward and the Chinese branch. Emily, Brad, and Maricel came to church! They are all 3 planning on getting baptized on May 18th! Pray for them please! This Filipino family invited us over for dinner Sunday night with Maricel and her husband (who is a member). We got to eat the BEST FOOD! I loved it! I love trying all different types of food. We shared a message about obedience and how important it is to follow God's commandments. 

Then last night, we had the Vernon sisters stay with us and we had to wake up at 5am to take them to the greyhoud that will drive them to the Okanagin. It's been a long, but very fun week!

I love you all so much and please write me letters! They are my favorite!

Sister Struempler

p.s. On monday we got to go to Granville Island in Vancouver! I love Vancouver but it makes me SO HOMESICK for Seattle.
Sister Li is in the middle! Sister Wang in the green skirt is going to Burnaby and Sister Leung is staying in White Rock...she's been there for 10.5 months! After this transfer she'll have served there for 12 months! THAT'S A LONG TIME!
 Wednesday night! we had a party in our apartment! haha
Granville Island!

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