Monday, May 19, 2014

All Dressed in White (5/19/14)

^Brad's Endowment
^My favorite Temple!!
Ward members from Sister Petersen's previous area :)
Sister Dixon is serving in Sister Petersen's previous area!! :)
After the sealing, Brad and Loretta are now married for eternity!! 
^kissing picture...haha...yeah
Emily and Brad with the Tillemans!
Maricel and her husband!
So happy for them!!
Well, now that I've sent you a million pictures, I'll try to capture what has happened this week in a few words. I can't even describe properly how happy I am for all of these people to receive their saving ordinances! 
On Monday, we went to the Asian mall again and got to take cool pictures at this photo booth! Hopefully I can copy them and send them to ya'll because we look pretty awesome...and super Asian :) hehe We also got to have FHE with our bishop and his wife. We talked about missionary work in the ward which is always good!

Tuesday we went to go help one of our favorite members pack. The whole family is moving to Edmonton because of the husband's job. I'm going to miss them! We helped pack the kitchen and such, because the mom is pregnant and can't really lift too much! Then we went to Langley with President and Sister Tilleman! It was such a wonderful experience! Sister Petersen and I got to meet with one of her recent converts, the bishop, and the Tilleman's  before going to Brad's endowment. It was such a wonderful night! It was so funny because after the endowment (on the ride home) President Tilleman felt bad that we didn't get dinner, so he bought Sister Petersen and I some wraps from McDonald's. It was so amazing to be able to spend so much time with them!! I love my mission president and mission mom so much!

Wednesday we went to Ladner (which is like 20 minutes away) to visit some members and less actives. We visited this one lady who lived in the desert in Moab when she was 9 years old until she was about 12 with her dad. She even told us about how she would shower in the waterfalls that would happen when there was a big desert storm! Can you say coolest childhood ever??!! Emily and Brad also were able to get their baptismal interviews on Wednesday night by President Tilleman.
Thursday we had our last Zone conference with President and Sister Tilleman, because they're leaving in July. I learned so much from them and I'm so glad to have been able to associate with them and learn from them. They are my heroes! We also had a lesson with this girl named Sonya. She's Jehovah's Witness & it didn't really go anywhere. We also got to go to this lady's house who we're trying to get back to church. She's from the Philippines and Filipino's love to feed us food! It was so good! :) She even came to church on Sunday! Yippee!!

Friday we did some weekly planning. We also taught this lady who is real hippy-like. She's all about "oneness with self and nature and God" and such. It's so interesting to teach people and get to know individuals and their stories and experience! I love it! Friday night we drove back to Langley for Brad and Loretta's sealing! It was such a beautiful night :)

Saturday we had one last lesson with Maricel to make sure that she was comfortable and knew everything. We also went street contacting a ton because we needed to talk to lots of people! We had dinner with this lady who is returning to church, and it was so cool to meet her and hear her story. She got baptized when she was 16 and is the only member in her family! You have to be so strong to be able to do that.

Then, SUNDAY! Church and then EMILY, BRAD, AND MARICEL got baptized! I'm so happy and proud of them :) I love them so much and am so grateful to be a part of their journey to come unto Jesus Christ.

Well this week was crazy, awesome, non-stop, running around, and full of amazing experiences! I love you all! The Church is True! 

Sister Struempler 

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