Monday, June 9, 2014

Professional Movers (6/2/2014)

So along with being the Richmond taxi service and the Richmond missionary hotel, we are now the Richmond professional movers. Okay, not really, but this week we moved apartments! Let me start with Monday....
Monday was Pday! We went shopping a bit, which is always fun. We also got our hair cut by a lady in the ward, for FREE! Yay for having nice hair again :) We also were able to have FHE with two families in the ward on Monday night. We know almost everyone in the ward who lives in Richmond now!!
Tuesday we went to Ladner and visited some of the single ladies in the ward, because they've only had Elders in Ladner for the past while. We're trying to figure out everyone in the ward, and it's always a fun adventure when we knock on a door and the ward member moved 3 years ago. But, somebody has to do it, and we are happy to be of service! 
We also had an an amazing experience teaching this lady named Deeanna. She is first nations and is willing to put the horrible experiences her ancestors had with christianity behind her to learn more about the gospel. We explained our purpose as missionaries and had an amazing lesson with her. The spirit was so strong, and I just knew that I had to invite her to be baptized. She said yes! The only issue is that one of her sons has cerebral palsy and is getting hip surgery tomorrow. He's going to be in the hospital for 14 days, so we don't know if we'll be able to meet with her and teach her. Please pray for Deeanna and her son as they are going through this hard experience. I know that with the Lord, everything is possible.
Wednesday we had district meeting, which is always fun. I love learning and growing with the sisters in my district. We had some appointments with some of the elderly women in our ward in the afternoon. Old people are just so cute! :) haha! Then we went finding and taught our recent convert Maricel. 
Wednesday night, we got a call from a lady in our ward who moved last Friday. She asked if we could come help her clean on Thursday, and we said yes of course! It was so fun to talk with them and clean together. This couple both served their missions in England and the husband was actually the wife's district leader at one point. What a small world! haha :) They told us a bunch of mission stories, which of couse I LOVE!
Then we drove back to our apartment to do some weekly planning, when we got the call saying that we were moving apartments. We had to pack as fast as we could, so that we could be ready to move on Friday. In the evening, we got to teach the cutest Chinese lady who works at an ice cream shop. She's not interested, because she's buddhist, but we got some free ice cream! hehe :)
On Friday, we had the moving elders come and they moved all of our furniture. After that, we had to move all of our personal stuff, kitchen stuff, and food. We still aren't done yet, but we did get most of it moved. We are kind of in a limbo between two apartmetns at the moment. 
Saturday we went to the outskirts of Richmond and taught a really cool family. They are so truth seeking, but the only problem is that they're super busy. The husband's name is Bo and his wife is Ivy. They have two cute kids and are both from China. They really want to come to church and learn more about God. We can't wait to teach them again! It's not for two weeks, so pray that they will be prepared to learn more!! Thank you :)
Sunday we had a Canada wide stake conference. It was really cool because they had the Relief Society General President speak, Elder Holland, Elder Eyring, and one other General Authority. I love hearing the words of our inspired leaders! Deeanna was able to come to church (for the very first time) and she loved it! I hope that she will keep coming and learning more!
Then afterwards, we had a picnic with some of the members in our ward. I love how diverse our ward is, because there are so many cultures in Richmond! We also were able to go to Tawassen to visit a couple members that night. I could see the U.S. Border. It was so weird!! 
I know that this church is true and that it changes lives. The gospel is so imporant to know about and I thank God every day that I am privledged to know about it. It's so imporant that we share it with our friends and family so that we can help them come to the knowledge of our Savior. Have a wonderful week! Write me letters!

Sister Struempler 

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