Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Luckacuk!!! Look...aaa..caugh...cughaklsfljghfkjhg...hahaha! (11/25/13)

Luckacuk is a name of a street. Sister Dockstader and I think that it is hilarious for some reason. Maybe it is because we lack normal sources of entertainment.

So monday night started out with FHE with a wonderful family in our ward. We are trying to get to know all of the members, but it's just so hard! My brain can only memorize so much at once, and I feel like my head is going to explode sometimes! AHHHH!! hahaha

We had a zone meeting in Abbitsford on Wednesday and it was wonderful to be able to meet all of the missionaries in our zone! They are so awesome and I'm excited to work with them! We set goals and had some training from the zone leaders.

We've been doing mostly finding because that's what you have to do when you open an area. There wasn't anybody for us to really teach, so we just started tracting and tried to find people to teach. 

We did have a wonderful lesson with a lady named Korey and her daughter Akeyla. Akeyla is 9 and loves going to church with her dad (her mom and dad aren't together). And Korey thought that Akeyla would like to have us teach her so we did. Outside. On the porch. Sister Dockstader was wonderful and got down on the porch floor and taught the restoration using these awesome cards that she made. And then I taught her about Joseph Smith. We gave her a Book of Mormon and they wanted us to come back. It's these kind of people that we try to find! Truth seekers. They are the best and are the people who progress in the gospel. They are just hard to find.

That pretty much sums up the week. Here are some funny pictures:
We decided to paint our nails red for Christmas :D
me...wrapped up in Christmas lights
p.s. if you look close...I didn't know what to tell them for my name...so they just wrote "sister" on the cup...hahaha
Us taking a cute picture in front of the church
Well that's pretty much it! Happy Thanksgiving...I wish I got to eat Thanksgiving dinner...too bad Thanksgiving in Canada was like a month ago...hahaha. Eat some food for me!

Write me letters! I haven't gotten any yet :(

Love you all!!
Sister Struempler

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