Monday, November 4, 2013

It's almost Halloween . . . CRAZY!! (10/29/13)

This week has been seriously insane!

Tuesday started off with an exchange, and I got to be companions with Sister Shelley for the day in my area. So, technically I was senior companion for the day because we both have been out the same
amount of time. It was so fun being companions with her because we were in the MTC together.

Here comes the crazy part: ALL OF THE LESSONS WE PLANNED THAT DAY FELL THROUGH. It was so sad. We had so many good lessons planned. So basically we tracted all day and stopped by to see people who said we could come back. We were able to find a new investigator which was really awesome. We had a lot of fun together and worked really hard. Plus I got to drive the truck which was pretty cool.

After having such a great Tuesday, Wednesday happened. We tried to find someone to drive us to Fort St. James, but we couldn't. So we begged the zone leaders for more k's (kilometers) so that we could drive ourselves. We drove all the way to the fort and started tracting and doing our missionary thing. Then I started getting really dizzy, my head hurt, I felt like I was going to throw up, and my back was killing me. We still had to go to a lesson with a super solid potential that we planned for later that night so I toughed it out for the lesson and made it through. Her name is Chris and it was the
coolest thing. She had a ton of questions and she started out the lesson by asking us to bear our testimonies. It was so fun, except for the fact that I thought I was going to die. yikes.

We called the mission nurse and we got to go to bed at 8:30! It was a miracle, and I really needed it. Thank goodness Thursday is weekly planning, so we stayed inside most of the morning except we had a lesson to break it up. Her name is Dana and she goes to another Christian church already. She had a lot of questions about the plan of salvation and biblical evidence to back it up. It was a crazy lesson, but we made it through.

Friday we went to Fraser Lake with a member and it was super weird. I felt out of place tracting there, but I know that it is my area. I think Satan was just getting to my head and making me feel bad. We found a new investigator there and gave away 2 copies of the Book of Mormon. I would say that it was pretty solid.

Saturday we went tracting out in the boonies again, and it is always an interesting experience. We usually pack lunch and then just stay out there all day. We figured out what to do if a bear comes, so that's always a good thing to know.

Sunday was crazy as well. We went to church and VICTORIA CAME! IT WAS A MIRACLE! She had a wonderful time. She has two kids named Ben and Elizabeth. I tried to give them stuff to color with during sacrament meeting, but then they started fighting over the coloring stuff. So their mom gave them food instead. It worked out (hahaha). Ben went to nursery and Elizabeth went to our gospel principles class and relief society with Victoria. You know how Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest and relaxation? NOT THE CASE as a missionary. I feel like Sundays are the craziest day of the week. That night we had a boy in our ward getting baptized, and we wanted to go but we couldn't unless a member came. So we found one to come with us and Jess was amazing!! She is
great and puts on such a tough demeanor, but she is really nice and sweet once you get to know her.

MONDAY WAS CRAZY! The internet didn't work at the church so that is why I am emailing today. We also went to go pick up a dresser from a lady and then accidentally picked up the wrong one. Oops. So now we have to go back next week. I got my flu shot! And when we went tracting I saw a man BUTCHERING A MOOSE in his GARAGE! It was disgusting. He had bloody hands and everything. But we talk to everyone and I tried to not throw up as Sister Ellgen talked to the
man. It was quite interesting. But he said we could come back which is always good!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep writing me letters, I LOVE

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