Monday, November 4, 2013

I'm turning into a country girl . . . kind of! (11/4/13)

The above picture was from Halloween!! We got special permission from President Tilleman to be out on Halloween night. We got to go to the ward trunk or treat. It was so fun!! We handed out candy and I dressed up as Sister Ellgen. Sister Ellgen dressed up as me . . . kind of. We might have just switched name tags, hahaha!

Afterwards, we went to this big festival (well as big as you get in a small town ;) ) called the Pumpkin Walk. The kids from the elementary schools all carved pumpkins and lined them up so there were hundreds of them. They do a funny thing in Canada. They light of fireworks on Halloween! It's too sunny during the summer to light off fireworks because the sun never goes down. Now it goes down around 4 o'clock. Hopefully I will get to see some northern lights while I am up here!!

We handed out a Pumpkin Parable to as many people as we could. It compared the atonement to a pumpkin. We even handed out one to the mayor!! That was pretty cool.
I trick-or-treated using the free Tim Horton's hat that I got, hahaha! Yeah, I'm still not too old to trick or treat!!!
One of the many cool pumpkins that we saw :)
This week we were able to go tracting a lot, and we found some really cool people. We are making a difference in the tiny town of Vanderhoof. Apparently, people are starting to notice "those sister missionaries from the mormon church." People talk about us! They talk about us at work and other stuff like that. I thought that was pretty cool.
We went through the baptismal interview questions with Victoria and she is so solid and ready to be baptized. On Sunday, we were planning her baptism and when she would be interviewed by one of the zone leaders...when...DUN DUN DUNNN! She texted us and told us that she got in a car accident on the way to church! Satan really will try everything to stop people from being able to make those saving covenants with Heavenly Father. Thank goodness she and her baby (she is pregnant) and her two kids are okay. But, her car is totalled. So, we don't know what is going to happen now that she doesn't have a way to get to church or anywhere actually, because she lives in Fraser Lake which is like an hour away from Vanderhoof. Please pray for her for us!!!
After that traumatizing experience, we had a crazy day today! Sister Kotchel, in the other ward, has about 900 head of cows. And today they decided to butcher some of them. She invited the other sisters. Sister Mecham (who is her sister) asked if we would like to come and help as well. Sister Ellgen jumped at the opportunity, while I was a little more hesitant. It was insane! We decided to go because it would be an adventure.
Yeah, it was an interesting experience for sure!!
This next picture is Sister Ellgen and I holding the cow heart...yup. It was weird. But don't know, hahahha!

Bloody hands!!!!
Sister Ellgen being awesome!

We saw this one get shot . . . gross, I know!!

Now my blog is going to be full of bloody pictures, hahaha. Oh well. It was such an interesting experience. I actually didn't cut the cow at all. I just held the knives. Definitely will be something that I will never forget!!  
Pray for Victoria please! It is supposed to snow that's going to be fun. Hopefully, we will stay warm! We didn't have much time to do anything today because we also had to go return the dresser that we picked up last p-day, because it was the wrong one. Hopefully, we have the right one now :)

I love you all! This week I get to go down to Vancouver for Mission Conference on Friday. That should be really fun! An Area 70 is touring our mission (but I doubt that he will come to the north). We'll see I guess!
Until next week :D

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