Monday, November 18, 2013

What the Chilliwack???? (11/18/13)

I got TRANSFERRED! I'm opening for Sisters in Chilliwack 2nd ward!! WAHOO!!
First things first . . . here is my new address so you can write me lots of letters:
Sister Struempler
7425 Shaw Ave
Apartment 110
Chilliwack, B.C.
V2R - 3C1
So last week was craziness because I had to say goodbye to everyone before I left.
Oh Coral, I'm going to miss that crazy awesome girl. I got put on the measuring wall that is on the right of the picture :) Sister Ruby Arnold is awesome and I'm going to miss her and all the members in Vanderhoof so much! They were amazing.
It was so hard to say goodbye to my investigator, Rebecca. She is wonderful! She had a baptismal date but we had to drop it because of some commandments that she wasn't quite living yet. She is a wonderful person and would always text us her prayers! I hope that she will continue to learn more about the gospel!!!

So my last lesson in Vanderhoof was with a woman named Monica, and her dad came. He Bible bashed the whole time. Oh Vanderhoof....hahahaha I'm going to miss you and not miss you at the same time.
So when we went down to transfer meeting we got to stay with the Delta Sisters!! WAHOOO! They are hilarious.
The Sister in the middle holding the camera was in the same mission prep class as me at BYUI. So that was awesome getting to stay with her.

Sister Ellgen is still staying in Vanderhoof and is training . . . she's the new district leader. Sister Dockstader is my new Senior Companion. She's been out for 6 months and served in Vanderhoof for her first 3 months, then Surrey for the next 3 months. We can talk about Vanderhoof together and she knows the people I'm talking about . . . hahaha!!
Here she is (Sister Dockstader).  She's from Fresno, California and is a nerd like me. We get along quite well!

Here is the view!
Beautiful, eh? I love the mountains and seeing the snow but there isn't any snow where we live which is nice. It just rains 24/7. 

So we found 3 new investigators last week and don't know any ward members. It's weird getting to know a whole new ward and not know the area/anything at all. It's an adventure for sure!

I love you lots and write me tons of letters!

Until next week,
Sister Struempler


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