Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I can see Mt. Baker from here! (12/3/13)

Please write me letters! I've only gotten 1 so far :(
So, Chilliwack is making me homesick. It's SO MUCH like Washington except more farming, so it kinda stinks sometimes, but that's okay!

This week is going to be short because I don't have much time since we went to the temple today! YAYYYY!!
It was wonderful. I love the temple.
Going in there reminded me of why I am a missionary. I'm here to help people get to the point where they can make covenants with Heavenly Father which will help them eternally! Pretty cool, hey?
So this week has been insane. We went to a musical that the stake was putting on which had a lot of songs from Handel's Messiah. It was WONDERFUL! I am so excited for Christmas...I just like the Christmas season.

We were able to have some return appointments with the investigators that we've been finding. That was fun! We met this crazy man named Rick who got in a logging accident, so he doesn't remember anything from his teenage/childhood years. He calls us like every day. It's kinda weird, but I just think that he thinks of us as good friends, but whatever - hahahaha.

Sister Dockstader saw snow for the 2nd time in her whole life.
It was snowing but it didn't stick at all. It melted as it hit the ground, but she enjoyed it.

We baked like 120+ cookies for investigators and less actives! That was really fun. Sister Dockstader kept getting mad at me because I kept eating the dough. It was so good!!

So I'm officially not vegetarian anymore. I've decided. Here is proof:
It's just too hard to be vegetarian. And expensive hahaha yeah.

The work is going great! We are finding a lot of people. It's just hard when they don't keep commitments, but they do have their agency. I wish you all a wonderful December! I can't believe it's December already! CRAZYNESS!

Here are some more pics:
Sister Struempler

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