Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Transfer news! I'm going to Vancouver Island!! (6/9/2014)

First of all...Here's my new mailing address:

Sister Struempler
1820 Tull Ave
Courtenay, B.C.
V9N 5W6

So this week has been CRAZY! It started out with Sister Petersen's birthday! She turned 21 on June 3rd! Woot woot! We had the opportunity to celebrate with some members and our recent converts. 

Emily took us to this Taiwanese restaurant. So many new foods that I've never had before!!
This is mango pudding...if you look carefully you can see that it's shaped like Hello Kitty.
We also got to see Prince Charming's sword from Once Upon A Time. That was pretty awesome!!
On Thursday, we got to teach this new Filipino lady named Josephine. She isn't happy with the Catholic church and their traditions. She doesn't understand why they do a lot of things. So, we were able to bring Maricel and it was such an amazing lesson! The spirit was so strong as Maricel bore her testimony as a brand new member of the church. Josephine was so touched and is now reading the Book of Mormon and wants to meet with us again. 
We also had the opportunity to teach this part-member family about the gospel. As we started teaching the plan of salvation, it brought tears to this woman's eyes. She thought that it was over for her. She had lost hope of ever going to the celestial kingdom. What we were able to share with her is that there is ALWAYS hope. We can always repent and feel God's love again. We are never too lost to come back. God will always accept us with open arms. It was so amazing to see her countenance change as she was able to gain some hope!!
​On Sunday, we got to decorate a senior couple's door because it was the senior sister's Birthday! hehe! yay for living in the same apartment complex as them!
Sunday was crazy; we had church as usual. We had a potluck barbeque afterwards and were able to invite a lot of friends to come!  We had an array of Filipino food, Chinese food, and .... fresh crab! Caught by someone in the ward.
View of the Vancouver airport!
I was able to say goodbye to Deonne. I'm going to miss her and Bowen so much! Yay for technology so we can always keep in touch with our friends <3
So, that's just a small portion of my crazy week! More to come this next week! Next time you hear from me, I'll be on the Island! Love you all! The church is true! God loves you so much! 

Sister Struempler 

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