Tuesday, January 21, 2014

President Tilleman to the Rescue! (1/13/14)

This week was unusually insane. Actually, all my weeks are insane . . . but in different ways. This week I got a migraine because I was so worried about Jane. But, President Tilleman came to save the day!

It started off with PDAY on Monday. We went to Boston Pizza to enjoy a well deserved, amazing meal. Sister Dockstader got hot wings. I got a burger with bacon on top, wrapped in pepperoni pizza. It was marvelous!
Anyways...on to more important stuff. So, on Tuesday one of the Sister Training Leaders came to be with us for the day. Sister Training Leaders are like a mix between a zone leader and an assistant to the President (but for Sister Missionaries obviously). It was fun! We found 4 new investigators on Tuesday with her help, and she was an awesome example of talking to EVERYONE. She would even run across the street to hand someone a mormon.org card. We now do this as well :)

She had to leave Tuesday night, because a sister missionary fainted and she had to go help with her companion. Please pray for her!

Then we had an awesome zone meeting on Wednesday. It was 2.5 hours LONG! But, it was amazing and helped rejuvenate my spirit and get me pumped for missionary work. We kept getting texts and calls though from everyone because we didn't know if Jane was getting baptized this week. Then we heard from the Senior couple in our ward that PRESIDENT TILLEMAN would be coming to our lesson on Thursday! That was a relief. We were both so exhausted by the end of Wednesday.

On Thursday, we did weekly planning. I was actually excited to do it for once. Super weird. Then we went tracting and then went to our lesson with Jane, the senior couple, us, and President Tilleman. IT WAS THE GREATEST THING EVERRRRR!! She was so worried about tithing and President Tilleman just preached the gospel so wonderfully. I even wanted to pay tithing and I don't even make any money! She wanted to be baptized last week, but President Tilleman decided that he wanted to come. So, she is going to be baptized on Jan 17th! We are SO EXCITED FOR HER!

When meeting with president Tilleman, he told us that 4 General Authorities are coming to our mission in March and one of them is going to be an APOSTLE! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!! He said that we could personally grab Jane by the hand and walk her up to meet the Apostle. She was so excited! I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. :)

Then on Friday, we went and visited a less active lady and did lots of tracting. We also visited another less active couple on saturday and did lots of tracting. Its been raining 24/7! I look like a wet dog every night, it's frustrating . . . but that's life!

Then on Sunday, we went to church and during gospel principles Jane's son was asked to read a part from the manual. He said, "But I suck at reading!" It was hilarious. He's so funny.

Then we went tracting in the rain...even more...visited a couple members...and that was our week! Pretty exciting! 

I love you all so much and I appreciate all your letters! Please write me more! They help me so much!!!

Sister Struempler

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