Monday, January 27, 2014

No I am NOT and Jehovah's Witness!!! (1/27/14)

Last Pday we got to go to Bridal Veil Falls! It was SO FUN! It was "closed for the season" but we went anyways because we drove all the way out there. 
Gorgeous view of Bridal Veil Falls! IT was HUGE!
Anyways, this week was crazy. I went on Exchanges in Abbotsford on Wednesday with Sister Facer.
That was fun! We met this German guy that could say my name all cool with a German accent.
Then we had some crazy lessons on Thursday night. This one guy wanted to Bible bash with us, so we told him we wouldn't come back until he read the Book of Mormon. We'll see where it goes, hahaha!
Then,we went tracting a lot and had a some lessons fall through on Friday and Saturday. People kept thinking we were Jehovah's Witnesses, and I was so tired of it. One lady closed the door and said "it's the JW's" and I yelled, "NO WE ARE MORMON ACTUALLY" hahahaha. It was pretty funny.

Then on Sunday, we had a dinner appointment! They made all this Australian food. I tried lamb. It was weird, but kinda good. And then we were able to talk with Summer (the non member that was there at the dinner appointment with us) and she became a new investigator! It was so exciting!
Transfers are next Pday so wish me luck!

Sister Struempler

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