Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014!!! (1/6/14)

This is what MONDAY was like for Sister Dockstader:
"Well...funny/gross/embarrassing story time!!! So, this past week we had a lesson with an investigator who is getting baptized this week, we were sitting in this lesson and I smell something a little off. I couldn't pin-point where it was coming from and it wasn't THAT bad, so I just forgot about it. Well, a few minutes pass and our investigator gets up to grab her Bible and my bag was in the way, so I pick it up and move it next to me on the couch. I feel something wet on my arm and think "Oh, no! My water bottle leaked in my bag!" So I look down to assess the damage and luckily my water bottle didn't leak :).....unfortunately the moisture I felt was in fact slimey, chunky, pastey DOG DIARRHEA!!!! AND IT IS SMEARED DOWN MY ARM, ON MY SWEATER AND ALL OVER MY BAG!!!!!!! I still have NO idea how it got on my bag, but we didn't want this lady to feel bad, so we didn't say anything. So I wait out the last TWENTY MINUTES of this lesson trying not to vomit! We then rush home and I took a VERY long shower and washed my bag and sweater and now I'm scarred for life! So ya..........the end"   :)
HAHAHAHA! I couldn't stop laughing the ENTIRE TIME! I felt so bad for her that I made her bed and gave her fruit snacks, because I just couldn't stop laughing. Oh the joys of missionary work and the funny stories that I will now have to tell about myself...and my companions hehe!!
Tuesday we had to come in at 6pm and do weekly planning. Weekly planning will be the death of me. I hate it. BUT the Senior Couple bought us popcorn and a bottle of martilelli's to celebrate. It was fun. We went to bed at 10:30 per usual and set an alarm for 11:59. Woke up, said "happy new year" and then passed out again. It was quite the celebration.
Wednesday we had district meeting and that was fun. We talked about the goals that we want to have for the upcoming year. Goals are SO IMPORTANT! I didn't realize this until my mission. It's something that I will remember for the rest of my life.
Thursday we did more weekly planning because we didn't finish it on Tuesday. And then we did the normal missionary stuff. We had a lesson fall though, as normal. It's so sad when people make return appointments and then aren't there. PLEASE STOP WASTING OUR TIME! Thank you very much.
Friday, I was In ABBOTSFORD because we went on exchanges. It was pretty fun. We taught this man that so desperately wants to have faith, but distrusts God so much. It's sad. But he's willing to read and pray and learn, so he WILL get the faith he so desires.
Then Saturday I was back in Chilliwack. Poor Sister Dockstader has been sick this entire past week. But she is feeling better now!
We had 2 investigators show up at church! Such a miracle and Jane was one of them. She is preparing to be baptized this Saturday so everyone PLEASE pray for her to be able to!!! We need your prayers for her! Thank you!!
So that sums up my week. Here are some crazy pictures. Don't judge. We get bored. :D
Sister Struempler

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