Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jane GOT Baptized :) (1/20/14)

Oh, what a glorious week it has been. Actually...it kinda sucked. From previous experience, baptism weeks are the WORST and the BEST. Satan is working SO hard on us because he knows what we are doing is right. Thank goodness we know who always wins. I'm glad that I'm on the Lord's side :)

On Monday, we went over to a less active's house, and she wants her 8 year old twins to be baptized. They set a date for themselves on February 8th, which is super cool because when we first got there they didn't want to be baptized. They don't count as converts because they are 8, but I'm so glad that I get to help teach them and prepare them for baptism!

Then we had district meeting on Wednesday in Abbotsford because the Abbotsford sister's car got keyed and it was getting fixed. They had to walk EVERYWHERE this week. They must have been exhausted. It was really good! We talked about the purpose of hastening the work and how we want to be a part of it and not just watch the hastening happen.

Thursday night, we went over to Jane's house and filled out her baptismal record and made sure that everything was good to go! I was SO EXCITED for her :) She was just beaming with happiness, and I just KNEW that she was ready to be baptized.

Then on Friday we had her BAPTISM! It was SO spiritual. President and Sister Tilleman were there and it was SO WONDERFUL! Elder Neese baptized her and President Tilleman confirmed her and gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Here are some pictures:
To the left of Jane is her son Zheng, who got baptized a year and a half ago. He is now finally able to come to church because he got a new job and doesn't have to work on Sundays!
She just looks so happy! I love it!
Then on Saturday, poor sister Dockstader had a migraine. On Sunday, we both gave talks in Sacrament meeting and that was really good. Sister Dockstader talked about why the youth should start considering going on a mission now and preparing for it. I talked about the doctrine of Christ :)

Then after church we went to go visit the SWEETEST less active lady EVER. She always gives us stuff when we go over there. She wants to come back to church so badly, but her medication for her psychosis problems stopped working. She can't get new medication yet because she has to get surgery on her teeth. EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY FOR HER :) Her name is Cathi :) 

Then on Sunday night we realized that we hadn't hit the standards of excellence (7 new investigators and 5 member present lessons). So, we went tracting for 4 hours straight and found 5 new investigators! AHHH!! We were so close. I was dead by the end of last night. So TIRED!! People slamming doors on your face gets old really fast . . . hahaha. I don't even get offended anymore, I just move onto the next house to find someone who is ready to hear the gospel

That was our week. It was pretty awesome. Here are some funny pictures:

ANDDDDD...My companion is a grandma. She loves cats and knits during lunch and dinner....she better get married fast after her mission or she's DOOMED!  HAHAHA!!!!!! I love her so much. 

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LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Struempler

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