Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him! (12/9/13)

So this week was Stake Conference and the Christmas Devotional! It was so fun! I can't wait for Christmas! I love this time of year because people are more willing to listen to our message of hope and peace that we share about Christmas and Christ's birth!
Here are some funny Christmas pictures my comp and I decided to take:
Anyways . . .  
This week we made baskets for people in the ward and delivered them to people. We also went tracting a lot, because a lot of people say they're too busy right now to meet with us . . . meh. And we found some pretty cool people to teach!
We are also now teaching this boy who is the son of a recent convert! Her daughter got baptized first, and then she got baptized when she moved from DALLAS to here, Chilliwack. And now the son Andrew wants to be baptized. He doesn't know when yet, but it's just so cool! If one person in the family finds the truth then it just spreads like wildfire.
We also taught this awesome lady who we met on the street named Chealsea. Her husband is a long distance truck driver so she is home alone with her two kids a lot. She wants her sons to have good morals because she was a rebellious child. Ha ha ha . . . whatever that means!
I just love seeing how this gospel changes people's lives! When we asked Andrew how his mom changed when she got baptized he said that she is A LOT more patient now. Pretty funny, hey?
And it snowed today which was so fun! It's been super windy and cold the past few days so it was a nice change.
We also had stake conference this weekend and Elder Call of the 70 came and talked about how we all have trials. We should expect to go through trials, because if we don't then we won't grow! It was such an eye opener because people sometimes think that this gospel will protect them from hard times. But we ALL NEED trials so that we can grow stronger and become better people! see Helaman 5:12
I hope that you are all having a wonderful December! Please write me letters! I really appreciate it :)
Sister Struempler

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