Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! (10/14/13)

It's been a crazy week! Also, I know my bangs look super weird in the picture above. Don't judge me. I don't even know where to start! So, Sister Brown and I went on an exchange and she came to my side of the river for the day (Tuesday), and Sister Ellgen went with Sister Shelley to the other side of the river. 
I love Sister Brown! She is an awesome district leader and has been out for over a year now. She really knows her stuff. We accidentally ended up matching. hahaha . . . we're cute. 

We got this call on Tuesday that said we had a Zone meeting on Wednesday morning in Prince George. So, we had to drive to Prince George Tuesday night and then sleep with the sisters there. Then we had our zone meeting. I learned a lot!

On the way back, we decided to be fat and get Little Caeser's in Prince George. It was amazing!
Sister Shelley and Sister Brown feel asleep on the way back to Vanderhoof.
Then we had to hurry back to Vanderhoof and got a ride to Fort St. James. We had a lesson with Rebecca at her work. She has been having a hard time, so it was good that we got to meet with her and help her feel better.
Ummm yeah...that's the fort for you. So funny!!
Then on Wednesday and Thursday, our phone decided to stop working half the time. So we were only able to make a few calls. But it was good! We talked to a lot of people in person.
On Friday when we went tracting, we ran into this strange lady. She said that when she read the Book of Mormon it made her feel sick and she had the urge to burn it. I've never met someone who felt so strongly against it. Super weird.
On Saturday, we tracted out in the BOONIES for forever. Nobody would talk with us and it was really frustrating. We saw a lot of horses and scary dogs. Then finally at 8:40 pm, we found a new investigator. Such a miracle! I slept so well that night after tracting all day long.
On Sunday a missionary came home from South America. He gave his homecoming talk. It was so weird to think that I will eventually be doing that. It made me miss home a lot. But it was really great because now everyone is getting really excited about missionary work and they're going to have their friends meet with us! It is a lot more effective when people invite their friends to meet us, rather then us tracting into their friends. It's easy to say "no" to us but harder to say "no" to your friends.
I'm learning a lot as a missionary. I'm learning the importance of exact obedience and hard work. And it's also very important to love everyone and talk to everyone. Read Elder Ballard's talk from the saturday afternoon general conference session, it's amazing!
Oh and HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING!! scarf is so big, it covered my face - hahaha!
I hope to hear from you all! Please send letters and emails, it helps me a lot!
Sister Struempler

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