Monday, September 2, 2013

Vanderhoof: hunting, gardens & dogs!!
I'm finally starting to get used to missionary life. After a few weeks, I heard that it gets better. I'm going to just keep trying my best to make it until then!
our whole district . . . we were sad the dollar store was closed!
So there are two wards in Vanderhoof. There is the Vanderhoof Ward, which has the town side of the city and all of the houses on the south side of the river. Then there is the Blue Mountain Ward, which is the ward that Sister Ellgen and I are serving in. It has all of the areas north of the river, along with Fraser Lake and Fort St. James. We have a HUGE area.
A lot of the members here are related. It's pretty funny actually. We had one of the members draw a family tree for one of the families in the ward so that we could get all of their relationships straight.
people like hunting here!
Tracting story: So we were knocking from door to door one day, and this one gentleman answered the door and then said "goodbye." We actually ended up talking to him and started up a new conversation for like thirty seconds before he said "didn't I say goodbye?!" Hahaha!! I guess that's one way of telling someone to go away.
There are so many dogs here! We haven't had any attack us so far, but one of them peed on our car, hahaha. That was funny.
the horse wouldn't let me pet him!
There are tons of horses and cows here. People have huge gardens, and we have like 20 pounds of potatoes that we got for free (and some carrots and squash). They're yummy. There are pastures that go on for miles and miles here. It's so weird.
beautiful clouds!
One thing that I have to give Vanderhoof credit for are the clouds. I have never seen such pretty, fluffy, gorgeous clouds it my whole life! I just look into the sky sometimes and think that is what heaven is going to look like.
Another tracting story: We went to a mobile home and the guy that answered the door said he wasn't interested, but to try the trailer next to the home. Sister Ellgen and I went to the trailer and it reeked of marijuana. We said "hello" to the man that answered the door, gave him a card, and then walked as quickly as we could back to the truck. We are never going back there again, hahaha.
So, we live in a cabin that the Mecham's (who are members) own. Sister Mecham is awesome! She actually crossed America like the pioneers did in handcarts when she was a little kid. She makes awesome homemade bread for us.
our cabin

Sister Ellgen & I were trying to be artsy . . . ha, ha!

The weather here is pretty nice. It's been around 60 to 70 degrees, not too bad for tracting. It's rained a few times, but that's what a rain coat is for!
Sister Ellgen and I have become ninja bug killers. There are these dumb flies in our apartment all the time and we kill them with our bare hands. Pretty cool! hahahaha
We don't have any progressing investigators right now because the Elders didn't leave us much to work with. We mostly spent the last week tracting and finding new investigators. We were able to find 6 new investigators last week! It was pretty awesome.
Vanderhoof, BC
Angelina is doing well. She doesn't want to take lessons from us yet...but said she would come to church and we could answer her questions while she was there. She is native American and was forced to be catholic growing up. They took away her language and made her speak English. She doesn't want to be forced into religion. We aren't trying to force her, but we want her to understand the importance of it! We'll keep working with her and praying for her.
We were trying to find a former investigator, and the directions that we had weren't super clear. People don't use addresses here.  They say things like turn left where there is a giant rock, and drive for 10 kilos and its the first house on the right, or whatever. So we went to a house hoping that it would be her, but then it wasn't. She had never lived at this house. But Deedra answered the door and was super interested in learning. We had a short lesson and hopefully will be meeting with her again this week!  
cute girl named Cora!
My fingers hurt from  typing so fast, hahaha.
We met a Jehovah's witness yesterday & it was really interesting. We challenged him to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it, because that's the only way to understand the truthfulness of its message. He said he would and then call us if he had questions.
This gospel is true and I'm so excited to be able to teach the people of Vanderhoof about it!

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