Monday, September 16, 2013

14 new investigators this week!! WAHOOO!!!

What a glorious week it has been up here in Vanderhoof. I started off on an exchange last Monday night and was in Prince George all day Tuesday with Sister Kindlespire. It was pretty amazing being in a CITY! I saw a Walmart and Target. I got really excited, but then we couldn't go anyways because PDay was over. But still, it was nice being in civilization. 
There is us doing the exchange. Sister Kindlespire and I went to Prince George. Sister Ellgen and Sister VanTeidren (I totally didn't spell her name right, oh well!) went to Vanderhoof. 
Us being silly in the car!
Sister Kindlespire and I were able to teach a girl named Alex. She was baptized on Sunday, which is pretty cool! Her mom got baptized a couple months ago, and now Alex is baptized! We taught her about prophets and obedience.
The kittens were jumping out of Sister Kindlespire's arms, hahaha. I don't like cats. They make me so sick!
There are so many crazy and awesome people that we get to talk to every day. I love meeting new people every day and just getting to know them. Spreading the gospel is so fun!
Here is me with a stuffed polar bear and an Inukshuk. We went to this place full of stuffed dead animals. It was really weird. So many people are gone right now because it's hunting season. Also, haying season is coming to a close, so a lot of people are crazy busy trying to finish barreling their hay. I'm learning about all this farm stuff! It's pretty cool. 
This is Tiffany Thorne. She is an amazing person! She was actually at BYU-I during the spring. She left to go back for the fall and I'm really sad. She is an RM and went on her mission in England! She would come tracting with us and teach us so much. I LOVE HER!
I don't know what happened to these two carrots, but they grew together. Pretty crazy, eh?
The other sisters had some creeper guy at their apartment complex, so they stayed with us Saturday night and last night. Hopefully everything will work out, but I loved having a slumber party with them!

So I gave a talk yesterday in church about the atonement and how it applies to missionary work. It was really amazing, and I hope that the members are getting more excited about missionary work! We had 2 investigators and 1 potential investigator at church on Sunday. Sundays are so crazy! I'm so glad that Mondays are pdays so that we can rest from yesterday.

We have been finding a lot of new investigators, so hopefully now we can get them progressing! Sister Ellgen and I have taken the challenge from our mission president to get a baptism in October. If you could, please pray for us to have a baptism! I know that prayers get answered. 

Thank you everyone who has sent and are sending me letters! I really appreciate it, and they give me a lot of hope and strength to progress forward with the work.

We went to Fort St. James again on Wednesday and Friday last week. There are a lot of nice people who are prepared there. It's just really hard because a lot of the Native American people just walk everywhere. The closest church is in Vanderhoof. The Elders before us where trying to start a branch there, but we haven't had much luck. It's okay though! There are a lot of prepared people in Vanderhoof as well.

I love seeing people's reactions to us when we knock on their door. There are some Mennonites and Jehovah's Witnesses here. We have avoided Bible bashing so far, so hopefully we can continue to do so. 

I know that the missionaries in B.C are starting to see miracles every day. I know that by being obedient, working hard, and loving everyone, the work will continue to move forward. I love you all and miss you so much! Take care, and keep writing me!

Sister Struempler

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