Monday, September 9, 2013

Vanderhoof is the Promised Land (kind of)

So much has happened this week, I don't even know where to begin! It's been crazy!

First off: Old people are hilarious!! Seriously. Sister Ellgen and I went tracting in a place that is kind of like an old folks home, but not really. Some elderly people will just chat with you forever and never let you leave. Others will slam the door on your face and call you crazy! hahaha! Either way, I think we both had a grand time. 

Another thing: Boyfriends are stupid! Seriously! Sometimes when we go to visit someone, we have to make sure that their spouse/boyfriend isn't home because sometimes they just really don't want us to be there. It's quite sad actually.

We had appointments fall through this week, which is really disappointing. Hopefully, the people of Vanderhoof will soon realize how important the gospel is and make time for it!

Sister Ellgen and I have been pleasantly surprised by how warm the weather got this week. It was really nice. We decided to have a picnic outside during our lunch time. 
We're so cute!
Anyway, this week I had the privilege of inviting one of our investigators to be baptized! She said yes! Her name is Rebecca, and I would LOVE if you could all pray for her. She has a few things that she needs to overcome before she can be baptized.

When Sister Ellgen and I went to Fort St. James on Friday, we were able to stop at a member's pizza shop to say hello and share a message. Sister Blackmore actually made us pizza which was awesome! It fed us for a few days. 

Our kilometers that we can drive got reduced by 500!!! We were sad to have heard that. Hopefully, we will be able to get some more next month. We try to walk while we tract, but sometimes we can only hit 4 or 5 houses in two hours because the ranches are so far apart!! On Saturday, we had a miracle because we were walking up this one road for 30 minutes and found just one house. We talked to her and she became a new investigator! She told us that there weren't any other houses on that street and saved us a lot more walking. Some people are super nice here, and I really appreciate it!
We have thought about hitch hiking but we decided that it probably isn't the safest thing :D

I saw my first moose!

That was pretty epic. Another thing! When we were in Fort St. James we taught this Hungarian lady. She loves the gospel and comes to church once a month, but won't commit to anything. She thinks the gospel is too complicated and just likes meditation. Hopefully, she will soon understand how important it is!
Here is a picture of a gorgeous sunset, it's too bad you can't see it very well.
So, since we are so short on kilometers this month, we have to try to get people to drive us places. Some people are better drivers than others. hahhaha. Let's say I might have gotten a little car sick this week. A lot of the roads here aren't paved and are just gravel and dirt.

There were two weddings this weekend in Vanderhoof and that was pretty crazy. There are also a TON of little kids in the ward that I'm serving in. It's nice that it's not silent and awkward like it is in singles wards. 

We have been trying to find some service opportunities and are going to clean some windows and help with a food drive this week. Also, some lady wanted us to help her with her chickens. She's going to have her boys kill them, and then she wants us to come over and help her clean them. Sister Ellgen is pretty excited. We'll see if it actually happens, hahaha.
Here are some more pictures:
Thank you for the mail! It made me SOOOOOO happy!!!! Keep writing!
I can obviously bench 200 big deal.
Duck Dynasty bandaid to the rescue of my blisters!
I love you all! Thank you for all of your prayers!!
Sister Struempler


  1. Hello, Sister Struempler, from Oregon! So glad to hear you are enjoying Canada! What a beautiful place to serve.
    I know the families in your ward are loving your sweet personality, we sure enjoy the sisters in our ward!
    Your dad posts a link to your blog every week and I enjoy reading it every week!
    Can't wait to read about your first baptism!

    Lots of love,