Monday, August 26, 2013

My new companion & trainer
Heavenly Father has to have a sense of humor to put me in the middle of NOWHERE! There are ranches and farmers mostly. And a retirement home for people that just want peace and quiet.

I love the people here. They are really nice and friendly. We have only had one person slam a door in our face. But it's good to feel rejection because it brings us closer to Christ. He was rejected and made fun of so much.

We have had two new investigators so far. One of them is named Angelina, and she brought her daughter to church this Sunday. We are going to meet with her at a member's house for dinner on Tuesday, and then invite her to be baptized. She is so ready for it.  She even bore her testimony in our Gospel Doctrine class on Sunday. Maybe we could also teach her husband and daughter. 

We met this crazy German with a super thick Canadian accent. Up here in the north, there are some thick accents. He hates life right now because his common law wife left him and so he just hates humanity. I'm scared of going back there because he said he hates humanity so much sometimes, that he could kill. He has cute dogs though! We might try him later after he goes to therapy for a while.

I live in Vanderhoof, which is seriously so tiny. We have an all-sister district and our mission president, President Tilleman, got permission from church headquarters. So its just four sisters, but one of them is Sister Shelly who I roomed with in the MTC. 
Our truck!

I love this gospel and I know that the church is the same everywhere. I'm glad to be out here teaching others what has blessed my life so much!! Please write me, I love letters (address is updated under the "write me" tab).

Sister Struempler

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