Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!! (12/22/2014)

I'm so excited for Christmas! If you haven't watched this video yet, please do. It's the best thing ever, and really brings the spirit of Christmas :)
Monday we went to the mall and did some Christmas shopping :) We are doing a secret Santa within our district. I bought some cat socks for the sister that I'm giving mine too :P  She's going to love them!! We also went tracting and found this awesome lady named Melissa! I love Melissas, hahaha. She actually reminds me a lot of my friend Melissa in Courtenay. Her husband is Asian, so they are Buddhist. But she is also super open to learning more, so pray that we can meet with her! We also taught this Jamaican lady named Laureen. She's so sweet! She has never heard of the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith or anything! It was so cool to hear her reaction to the restoration. Then we went and visited this recent convert named Marsha. She's hilarious! She's been writing Santa all year long so that she can get a Christmas present!
Then on Tuesday...uh oh! The Japanese food we ate at the mall on Monday did not sit well with us. We don't know what we had, maybe food poisoning? But we were so sick. It was awful! But we were able to get feeling betterish by Wednesday and went back to work. 
We had our district meeting on Wednesday. We also had to get our car fixed, so we got to walk for most of the day. That was fun. When we were super dying, we knocked on people's doors that had benches or chairs on their front porches. If they didn't answer, we would sit down for a while. It was pretty funny. Oh the things that you do as a missionary. We did get to teach this awesome lady named Stacey! She's never really found a church that has "fit" her, so she was super open to learning more. She's even started reading the Book of Mormon! Pray that her husband's heart will soften so that he will be open to learning as well :) 
Thursday...weekly planning and lots of tracting. Wahoo!!!
Friday! We went to an area called Rutland and hung out there for most of the day. We dropped by this potential that Sister Bernard had found a month ago. She wouldn't even give the missionaries her name back then, but then a couple weeks ago the elders ran into her as well. She gave them her name and her number as well! People's hearts do soften during Christmas! We stopped by her place and had a nice chat. Hopefully we'll be able to teach her as well!!!!!
Saturday...we had a FREE HOT CHOCOLATE STAND! We wanted to promote He is the Gift in a creative way :) It was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Holbrook, Sister Bernard, Me, and Sister Soram (She's from Micronesia!! so cool!)
Afterwards we went to celebrate Sister Bernard's 4 month mark at FATBURGER!! 'MURICA!
It was so delicious :)
Sunday was the Christmas Program! Amazing as always. They actually used the talk I sent you last week in it, so that was pretty awesome. After church we went and visited this less active lady who doesn't believe in God anymore. She's super nice, and totally does believe in God. She's just in denial :P hahaha! Then we had dinner with the Relief Society president and her family! They are from England :D So great :) And then we ended the night by going caroling with the YSA sisters. It was so fun! We had some crazy reactions. We caroled to random people as we knocked on their doors. We had drunk people, shirtless people, and people gave us cookies! It was great :) I love Christmas! We're going to be caroling a lot this week!
I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas! I'll see you soon enough :)
Sister Struempler

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