Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas is coming! (12/8/2014)

I'm so excited for CHRISTMAS because it's the best time of the year! Everyone loves CHRISTMAS and is so much happier! People are more willing to listen to us because CHRISTMAS is coming up. CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS!!! Can you tell that I'm excited? hehe!

On Monday, we did our normal p-day thing. We taught this new investigator named Diane. She is SO AWESOME! She is a recovering alcoholic and is so ready for the gospel. We taught her the entire restoration lesson and she loved it. She loves that we have a prophet on the Earth today and she loves the Book of Mormon. She is so prepared, so everyone please pray for her for me! We really want her to get baptized this month and have a WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! We're teaching her again tonight.

Then on Tuesday...oh Tuesday. Something happened to our car and that was a fiasco. We are still trying to get it fixed. We got to meet with this recent convert. She is so crazy, but so awesome. She kept telling us about how she owns a castle in Detroit and needs to go there to find it. What an adventure! We also got to help out with a nativity exhibit that the church was putting on here. It's called "Creche." It was BEAUTIFUL! There were over 400 nativities on display!

Wednesday, we had district meeting! It was so great :) I love Sister Holbrook, she's a fantastic district leader. We also got to be hostesses at the Creche exhibit for a couple hours and tour people around. Towards the end, a bunch of school kids came and there were so many of them. It was crazy!!! Also, a man from the newspaper came and took pictures of Sister Bernard looking at one of the nativities. She's famous! She was in the newspaper on Thursday! hehe. 
We also found this cute couple named Lauren and Brent. They invited us over for dinner the next day. Thursday. Thursday we did weekly planning. We also visited with this less active lady and helped her read the Book of Mormon. She just got an electric blanket and was falling asleep while we were reading to her....hahaha, oh well. Then we had a super stressful lesson with Lauren and Brent. Turns out Brent is a pastor at the Baptist church. They wanted to teach us, instead of us teaching them. They are super nice and said we could come back anytime and would help us if we ever needed anything. Agree to disagree, eh? We also had a meeting with our ward mission leader. He made us eat fennel. It was...interesting! 
Then on Friday we got to help out with the Salvation Army kettle drive. We got to stand in the mall and say "Merry Christmas" to people. It was so cute. Parents would give little kids a looney or a toonie and then they would come up to the kettle and we would give them a candy cane. So FUN! We got to visit an awesome family in our ward that night as well. 
Saturday! "Park the car" day. Oh man, I was exhausted from trudging in the snow all day. We talked to lots of people. We met this drunk man that some missionaries had talked to earlier, who felt bad for not talking to the missionaries before. He was so nice, and I hope he actually calls us. We also met this guy that had his priorities all messed up. He said that we should go try some ecstasy and then we'll, "know what life is all about." Poor man. We also met these teenage guys who tried to get us to hang out with them. On Sunday, we had so many miracles. We went to church and that was great. A lot of less actives showed up, which was nice. We found this awesome lady named Stacey. When we knocked on her door, she was like, "Come in! Get out of the cold!" She doesn't go to any churches, but is interested in reading the Book of Mormon and learning more! We're so excited to teach her on friday. We also got to go to the beginning of the Christmas Devotional and then had to leave early. We went to our stake president's house (he's in our ward) and had dinner with them. They invited some neighbors over as well who aren't Mormon. We shared Luke 2 with them and made gingerbread houses! I even put a moose on ours! hehe. Well, that was my week!
I love you all so much!!!
Endure to the end!
Sister Struempler

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