Friday, April 11, 2014

Today I've been out for 8 months! (4/7/14)

Woot woot!

So, last pday we got to go to a Buddhist temple! It was SO FUN!
Then, we taught Abi again. She is seriously the cutest thing. We were able to teach her the ten commandments this week, and we did it by making a puzzle. Every time she put a piece of the puzzle together, we taught her the commandment that was on that piece. Then we taught her hymn 303 "Keep the Commandments" because she loves singing. It was probably one of the most creative lessons my companion and I have ever come up with!

Then...John and Molly. We finished teaching John about the plan of salvation. So, we decided to teach him the Law of Chastity so that John could get baptised. I guess he isn't as solid as we thought. Needless to say, he took great offence to the Law of Chastity and I don't know if we will be meeting with him again. It's so sad! I want them to get sealed in the temple for time and all eternity! If only he could just understand the eternal importance.

After the awkward Law of Chastity lesson, my comp and I decided to drop by the office before going in to eat dinner. We had some thank you cards that we wanted to give to the office couples. When we dropped in, an investigator named Malcolm showed up and nobody was there to teach him. The Elders were suppost to teach him, but they had to reschedule. They tried calling him, but he ended up showing up for his lesson anyway. We gave him a tour of the church with the Nickels and then taught him the entire restoration and invited him to be baptised!!! IT WAS SUCH A TENDER MERCY AFTER SUCH AWFUL LESSON! It was so good. He is going to be baptised on April 27th! yayyy!!!!

This week we were able to teach some awesome people after having so many of our baptismal dates fall though for March. I know the Lord is blessing us so much! We were able to teach this girl named Sachi who is a sceptic. We thought she was going to be argumentative, but she had some really sincere questions. She wants to find God in her life, but is just very logical. We left her with a Book of Mormon and then taught her on Sunday about the restoration. She felt the spirit! I could tell that she was about to cry at one point. The gospel really changes peoples hearts, and I see this miracle every day. We invited her to be baptised, and she said if she overcame her scepticism, then she would. 

We also taught this lady named Evelyn. She is SUCH a miracle. The Chinese Sisters ran into her at a bus stop and got her number. We tried calling her but she never picked up. THEN the Vancouver Korean Elders also ran into her in Vancouver, and they talked to her again! We phoned her and phoned her until she finally called us back! We met with her last night and she is the cutest thing. She is first nations and really reminds me of Angelina (the first nations lady that I taught up in Vanderhoof). She's so in tune with the spirit and knows that the gospel can help her and her family. She's had such a rough life, like most first nations do. So, I am glad that we are able to help her and that God put her in the path of TWO sets of missionaries. We also invited her to be baptised and she said yes! She is going to be baptised on May 4th!

General conference was SO amazing! I was able to gain so much insight and revelation that I've never been able to do before. I think it was because Elder Christoffersen came to our mission a month ago, and I was able to feel so connected to the apostles and Prophet. I loved President Monson's talk about Christ-like love. I want to love everyone around me and show people that there are people who still care about them. I love this gospel! It is so true!

WRITE ME LETTERS! I only got one this week :(

Sister Struempler

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