Monday, April 21, 2014

There is Sunshine in my Soul Today! (4/14/14)

This week was so wonderful! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, what more could you ask for? So last P-day was pretty relaxed. We went to the mall for a bit and that was about all. Today we are going to go to Vancouver to visit Stantly Park! We're so excited! I won't be able to write any letters today, but next week I'll send you some for sure. Make sure to write me! I really love hearing from everyone :) Happy Almost Easter!!

Then on Tuesday, we went on exchanges! Sister Ding and Sister Wang came with me, and Sister Petersen went with Sister Li. I was privileged to be companions with Sister Ding for her LAST day of her mission! She went home on Wednesday morning to China. I'm going to miss her so much!!
Sister Ding is on the left and Sister Wang is on the right. :) 
We did some tracting, and it was awesome because I could talk to the English people and they could talk to the Chinese people. I felt like it was so efficient! Except I always had to ask them what happened after a door because I don't speak Mandarin. It was pretty funny.

Then on Tuesday we had some lessons that we went to together. We also went street contacting, and that was so fun! We went to the Richmond public market for dinner, and it was only Asian stuff! It was awesome. We had to do that for Sister Ding's last dinner. 

We were able to teach this girl named Amra from Mongolia. It was so interesting because she's never even heard of God or Jesus Christ. I was so glad to have the Chinese sisters with me because they always teach people who don't know about God. Most people from the Asian countries are Buddhist. We taught her the plan of salvation and she loved it. It makes me so happy to teach people about this plan because it's true! We know why we're here on this Earth, where we go after we die, and where we came from.

Then, we went and visited Molly so Sister Ding could say goodbye to her. John doesn't want to meet with us any more, which is super sad. Hopefully some missionaries in the future will be able to teach him again!

We also saw cute little Abi and we watched the restoration DVD with her. I know that Joseph Smith was called by God to be a prophet in this last dispensation!

Then, we exchanged back on Tuesday night. We dropped the Chinese sisters off at the mission home on Wednesday morning and said good bye to Sister Ding one last time. We had a Zone meeting which was really good. We talked about how we can use the Book of Mormon more in our missions. By sharing the words of the Book of Mormon more and testifying of its truthfulness, we can help people gain a stronger testimony of it.

We tried to teach Moyett one last time, but she wasn't home. It's so sad when we have to stop teaching people for a while. I'm going to miss teaching her, but she isn't ready and isn't willing to make the time for it right now. I know she'll be baptized in the future.   

We taught some more pretty awesome people this week. We have been trying to meet with the members more and even some less active members. We taught Sachi again and she's so awesome! She had so many questions, so we taught her the plan of salvation. We asked her to read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon and she thought that it was too short when she looked at it. So she read the ENTIRE FIRST BOOK OF NEPHI! It was crazy! We had to explain the whole thing to her. It was pretty funny actually.

We also have been working with this less active lady who has three little boys. We've been trying to get her to church for the past month or two and she finally agreed to come this Sunday. We were running around with our heads cut off trying to find 3 car seats for her boys because she doesn't have a car or car seats. With the Lord's help, we were able to get the car seats and someone with a van to pick her and her boys up. It was such a miracle to see them there! Everyone is welcome at church, members, non-members, and people who haven't come in years! I love this gospel and I know that it's true!!

So here is an example of some of the houses we knock on:
Huge mansions! It's crazy. Richmond is full of them. But it isn't like there is a neighbourhood of mansions. You'll see a normal house, and then this giant thing, and then a normal house. Then a couple mansions, then a normal house. It's crazy how diverse Richmond is!

This is my companion and I's motto:
Here's a beautiful picture:
and lastly, this is what I do to my companion at night. I give her giant corn rows:
hahaha - that was fun! I love you all and have a wonderful Easter! I know that Christ was resurrected and that He Lives. 

Sister Struempler

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