Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter! (4/21/14)

This week was so great! We went to Stantly Park last week! Here are a few of the MANY pictures that we took:

Boats need gas stations too!! hahaha
I had to get a penny!!
seafood poutine! delish!!
SOO! Fun!! :)
WHY are there PALM TREES in Vancouver? It makes no sense to me...
Driving in Vancouver to get to Stantly park!
So yeah, that was SUPER fun! I loved going there. (Family: we need to go again after my mission, because we didn't even get to see half of what was there!!!)
This week we got to teach some awesome people! Abi, was her cute, crazy self as usual. We finished teaching her so hopefully she'll be baptized in May! Then, we also taught this eleven-year-old girl named Shaylin. She's super cute as well! Their house has TONS of animals! Birds, chinchillas, dogs, cats, bunnies, etc. It was awesome! But not awesome for my allergies! So maybe we will go on splits with the Chinese sisters when we teach her :p
We also have been teaching the CUTEST Taiwanese lady ever! She is planning on getting baptized as well! We are SO EXCITED for her and her son.

Sister Tilleman, me, Sister Petersen, Sister Kurd, Emily, and Sister Hogg!
She's so nice and calls us her angels, haha. I'm so happy to teach her and see her face light up as she learns more and more about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 
A couple funny stories:
So we were tracting and we were approaching this super fancy house. Well, those always have gates that you have to open to get to the front door. The gate was partially open, so we just go in. Out of habit, I shut the door (so that animals don't escape, etc.). Turns out nobody was home. As we walk back to the gate, we found out that IT WAS LOCKED! We ended up hopping over the fence to get out, skirts and all. It was SO FUNNY! We couldn't stop laughing.

We were tracting and knocked on this guys door. He was atheist, so we started asking him why to just get talking. His 8-month-old puppy runs out of the house to say "hi" to us. So, I pet him and then continue talking. Then I feel Sister Petersen's hand on my back. Apparently, the dog thought that Sister Petersen's skirt was a tug-o-war rope and was pulling on her skirt. She was frantically trying to twist and turn so the dog would let go. Finally the owner noticed and had to open his jaws so that he would let go of her skirt. Again, we couldn't stop laughing!

Things that happen to us missionaries are so strange, but I wouldn't trade my experiences for anything in the world! 

On Saturday, we had a ward pancake breakfast and Easter egg hunt! That was super fun, and we even had some investigators there. We got to know the ward better, and it was just great! 

Sunday was one of the best Easters ever! We had a wonderful church meeting and 5 of our friends that we're teaching were able to come. If you haven't seen this video, PLEASE watch it! It's amazing!

It's just a wonderful message about the true meaning of Easter. I now realize how important Easter is because Christ was Resurrected. We know that we will see our family and friends again after we die because we too will be Resurrected! 

Then, we got to go to Anne's baptism! We taught her the first lesson, and then she decided to go to YSA in Vancouver instead of the family ward here in Richmond. So, we passed her off to the YSA elders, but were able to go to her baptism! I love her and I loved going to her baptism! It was probably one of the most spiritual experiences on my mission so far. Baptism is so simple, yet it is so essential to our eternal salvation.
We also got to met Jimmy, who's Anne's sister. She is so cute and hopefully will start coming to church with Anne!
Then, Sister Petersen's friends in her first area, Langley, invited us over for dinner. We got permission and headed over to a wonderful Easter feast!
What a wonderful way to end such a great week! I know that this gospel is true and that we're all here for a reason. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that He knows everyone of us personally. I love you all!

Until next week,
Sister Struempler

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