Monday, October 13, 2014

Let's Close Our Umbrellas & Let God Rain Down His Blessings Upon Us (9/29/2014)

This week was awesome! We saw a lot of miracles :)

Monday we had dinner with some members, went tracting, and dropped by some people.

Tuesday we went on exchanges! Sister Bartlett went to Nanaimo and Sister Reed came up to Courtenay with me. Too bad I forgot to take a picture with her :(  But we had an awesome day! We tracted a trailer park. A lady told us to go visit another lady across the way from her. We stopped by to see her and she ended up being interested! Miracle! Then we went and taught our friend Sammui for the first time. She was the cute little Chinese girl in the wedding that I went to about a month ago. She's had some brain injuries, but is just so sweet. We're going to take things slow with her, but she loves coming to church and learning about the gospel.

Then we went and taught Chuck. Chuck is an Anglican that we found and gave a Book of Mormon to. We taught him about the restoration and it was one of the most powerful lessons that I have ever taught! It was amazing. The spirit there was so strong. We asked him if we could meet with him again, and he said that he would think about it. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. 

We went and taught Ken next! He's doing so great! He's even agreed to be baptized on October 18th! Everyone pray for him please. We are going to try to help him understand as much as we can so that he'll be prepared to be baptized on that day. 

Then we went and visited this cute old lady. She had a stroke about 4 years ago, so she can't use her right hand anymore. She got a little bit of her leg movement back, so she can walk. We shared our favorite scriptures with her and she even shared one with us. It was amazing!  :)

Then we had dinner with our WML and his wife. It was delicious, and they have the cutest kids ever. After that we went and saw Debbie! Her husband got called back to work, so we still haven't met him. But guess what, HER FAMILY IS GOING TO DISNEYLAND NEXT WEEK! AHHH! So family, I'm going to give her your information and then maybe she can meet you. She said that they will probably be stopping by the San Diego Zoo as well. I might try to give her a few things to bring to y'all. We'll see! 

Wednesday we had district meeting! It was really awesome and inspiring. We had to race (I mean legally speed) back to Courtenay because we had so much to do! We taught Agnes who is getting eye surgery this week. We taught Prince, our friend from AFRICA! He's so cool. And then we had dinner with a less active and his non-member wife. He kept being like, "Hey sisters, you need to reactivate me." We're like "Hey Ryan, stop being a bum and come to church then!" haha. Not really, but he's a funny guy. And his wife is super nice too!

Then we had a little birthday party with our YSA friend Laura. She's so awesome! We taught her the plan of salvation and had some cake to celebrate. 

Thursday we did our weekly planning. Not as fast as last week, but still under 5 hours. Phew. Then we went tracting, contacted a couple referrals from our bishop, and had dinner with our bishop and his wife. It was a great night :) We also met a less active that was super nice and let us come in and share a message with her. There are so many less actives in this ward!

Friday we taught 3 less actives. Phew. That was tough. It's not like investigators, because a lot of them already know the gospel. We have to figure out their concerns and help them to resolve them. That was fun.

Sunday we taught a couple more less actives and found BRANDON AGAIN! He was the man that called Sister Jolie and I angels for helping him not kill himself when his mom had just passed away. (It was Sister Nelson and Sister Jolie who originally found him). His life has still been rough and he still didn't give us any contact information. Hopefully we'll be able to run into him again. 

We went to the women's broadcast and it was amazing. Check it out if you haven't watched it!

Sunday was fast Sunday! It was amazing. Then, this member wanted us to teach his mom. He's a convert of about 4 years now. He's mom is awesome! She said she would think about meeting with us again, so at least she didn't just say "no."

We also had dinner with a member family. They gave us a less active and a non-member to go visit! Wahoo! So many awesome referrals! I love it.

I love being a missionary! I'm so excited for general conference this next week!

Sister Struempler
ah yeah :)
Sister Bartlett LOVES seeing deer. She says that kangaroos are like deer in Australia. I want to see some kangaroos man!

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