Monday, October 13, 2014

General Conference Weekend!! (10/6/2014)

What an amazing week! And what an amazing General Conference! My favorites were Elder Jorg Klebingat and of course Elder David A. Bednar (an amazing talk for everyone to give to their non-member friends). But really, all of the talks were amazing. I love listening to the prophets, apostles, and general authorities of the church give inspiring messages to the whole world. We are so lucky to get new scripture from God every 6 months! I can't wait to get the Ensign. :)

This week was full of adventures of all sorts. On Monday, we had dinner with a member family and it was great. Delicious food all around. We also got to teach our pagan investigator with our pagan less active. I don't really understand the pagan religion, but it's cool to teach them and get to know them. Hopefully, we'll be able to see how interested they really are when we teach them tonight :) They didn't think we would come back after our first lesson, but we did. And we're going again tonight! Yeehaww!

Tuesday we went on exchanges. I went to Qualicum Beach with Sister Peterson. She goes home a week from this Wednesday. SO WEIRD! Everyone I know is leaving me. I'm getting so old. Tomorrow is my 14 month mark. AHHH!! Anyways, we went to Qualicum Beach. We got to go to a less active's house and sort through some of her baby toys and share a message with her. We got to visit a lady that just got baptized and answer some of her questions. We went to dinner with some members that I had met previously on an exchange, so that was fun. We also got to teach this Anglican guy that told us all these cool war stories. It was an eventful day :)

Wednesday we had district meeting! It was so good :) I love my district. Elder and Sister Nickels even came as well! I love them SO stinkin' much . . . seriously!
The district :) 
Then we went back to Courtenay and taught Ken. It was so fun :) He's doing so well! Everyone pray for him. He's preparing to be baptized and we're so happy for him! The rest of the evening we went finding and dropped by some people as well.

Thursday we did our weekly planning. It was so good! We even came up with this awesome plan to heart attack a bunch of people. We get to be ninjas and make people feel good at the same time. Win and Win! We haven't seen Melissa in a while, so we dropped by to see how she's doing. She stopped reading the Bible, so we're trying to help her get back on track. She even prayed and asked God if it would be okay to read the Torah. I thought that was awesome! We need to be educated in everything.

Friday we went and dropped by some elderly people in our ward. We went to a nursing home to visit Anne and her sister (who isn't a member). We were able to get to know her sister better and get her phone number. She lives in Nanaimo, so we handed her off to the sisters there. Members are so important to work with; they help us find people to teach. That was so cool :) We had dinner with a family in the ward who has 8 kids! I feel so loved by spending more time with the ward members. We get to know them and be a part of their family for a bit. It's fun.

Saturday we watched General Conference! In between sessions, we went and stopped by Debbie's. We FINALLY got to meet her husband. So exciting! He had lots of questions for us and we gave him a Book of Mormon to read. They're going to Disneyland, so they'll be gone for a bit. I wanted to get a picture just in case I got transferred.
Sunday = MORE CONFERENCE! So amazing. I just loved it. After conference there was a baptism so Sister Bartlett and I ran around trying to invite everyone we knew. Sammui and her husband were able to come. The little boy that got baptized invited one of his friends from school as well. And the whole family came! It was so cool! We talked to the dad and he just loved it. He even wanted to read the Book of Mormon afterwards. This just builds my testimony that members everywhere, young and old, can be missionaries and share the gospel with everyone. Hopefully, we'll be able to teach this family sometime soon!

I love this gospel and I know that it's true. I know that we have a living prophet on the Earth today and his name is Thomas S. Monson. We can all pray to gain that confirming witness that he is called by God. We need to share this with everyone, because he is the prophet for the WHOLE WORLD! Not just the church. I love you all. Keep being awesome.

Sister Struempler

p.s. I know I say this every email, but please write me LETTERS! <3

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